Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Shower!!!

It may not come as a shock to you like it was for me, but looking at pictures from my baby shower from today I didn't know I have a DOUBLE CHIN.

How come nobody told me. Sheesh! At least I can laugh about it, right!?


Today was such a FANTASTIC day! My dear sweet friend, Jamie, that I've know since age 8, we were baptized on the same day in the same font in the Canyon Country building! Well, Jamie threw me such a fun baby shower. I'm still in shock of the generosity of others. And love that so many friendships have lasted through decades!

I was born in Colorado and 4 of my childhood friends, we're talking ages 2-6, came with gifts of clothes and diapers and blankets! The last time I saw them I think I was 14 or 15?? (I'm super sad I missed getting a picture with them!)

Long time family friends and one of my childhood crushes, age 8-12 ish, his mother and sister came with darling outfits and hand-made blankets and burp clothes!

My sister and cousins helped out tons and even brought a gift! My cousin game up a trip to Santa Barbara, Ca, to stick around and make the most delicious cake balls!

My aunt and cousins came with darling home-crafted stuff!

My friend from high-school came!

Two of my college/dorm-mates came with gifts and love!

Friends from when I was newly married came with some of my more recently made friends!

Ward friends came!

Neighbor friends came!

Sisters-in-law, cousins-in-law, Great Grandparents-in-law!

My mother-in-law sent party favors designed JUST for this occasion! And designed some little onesies and burp clothes with the yummiest of colors.

Really, I felt so overwhelmingly LOVED. Amazed. I am till in awe even several hours later. I don't think I'll need to buy diapers or wipes until he's 4 months old. I'm set on clothes for probably the whole first year!

I'm really blown away and feel so lucky and blessed from today's events! I don's think I could use enough exclamation marks to share my elation!

So for those of you that came and contributed and showed your support and shared your time with me.....THANK YOU! My heart is so filled from all of your love!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LEGO Birthday Party

A LEGO birthday party?When did she adopt a 7 year old boy? You may be asking yourself. Well, my fun littlest sister just turned 19. She loves LEGOs! Not like super obsessed she has a problem....but she just enjoys the constructing and relaxing and creating with LEGO's. It's awesome!

So for her 19th birthday, the girls and I threw her a surprise party. We had some help from some of my cousins who were in on it!

The guests came in and made a guess as to how many LEGOs were in the vase (231) and my Blake was the closest with a guess of 200.

Then we all headed to the FUN spread of food!

Graham crackers with mini reese's peanut butter cups to look like a 2x2 brick, red green and blue jell-o jigglers, chips and salsa, crackers with cheese trying to look like a 2x1 brick, home-made oreo cookies with bright LEGO color frosting, salad, blondies. It was good food!

Then after that little munch of food everyone decorated their LEGO man's head and we payed "Pin the head on the LEGO man"

Then we had the requested dinner of home-made chicken noodle soup and rolls!! It is frequently requested by my sibling and family members! And I enjoy making it! (sorry no pictures....yes the noodles were hand-made!)

After which we watched Kale, birthday girl, open up her presents!

Then we head outside to crack open the pinata. What birthday was your last pinata at? were you 4, 8, maybe 10!? Kind of fun to have a pinata at a 19 year old birthday party!. Yes, the pinata is in the shape of a LEGO! It was constructed from spools of ribbon and a box of muscle milk.

I love birthdays! And I'm so glad I can be close to my darling sister and get to know her all over again! She's such a dear sister and a fantastic Aunt to my girls! She's so great to have around!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I finally did it!

Finally did what you might ask....

Well, I saw a really cute hair style way back in November that I fell in love with. I asked my good hair-stylist friend what to do since I was having sooooo much fun with my long hair and being able to do hot curlers. It looked great! And so I raved about this new haircut to her but she could sense that I loved my hair too much to chop it all off.

Well, today I finally did it!

I have to be honest that I didn't like it at first because the stylist straitened it and the look I've had in mind are big sexy curls. But you tell me what you think!

12 inches chopped right off!

Kind of a "Utah Mom" offense to others with this cut...I know I AM now a Utah Mom....just not quite what I expected!

I came home and threw in some curlers and it makes such a difference! I like this one WAY better!

And here's a belly shot so you can see how HUGE my belly is!

Only 6 more weeks!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sleepy time in the shower!

No not me.....

Baby Layne!

She's been waking up in the morning really congested from teething, all her canine teeth at once! So I bring her in to the nice warm shower with me.

Today she fell asleep in the shower.

It was so cute I had to bang on the wall to get Dan to come a snap a photo!

I really am going to miss her being my baby!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Conference Weekend

My dad is a Branch President in PA and was able to get some tickets to the Saturday afternoon conference session. Well, he gave them to my sister first, but she decided to go to St George for my sister-in-law, Jamie, twin's baby blessing. Lucky us, we got them!

We watched the morning session and readied ourselves while listening. It was kind of a stressful little bit....I was curling Reese's hair, Blake was whining about her sandals not fitting right, Layne fell down the stairs, I consoled Layne and then Reese burned her finger on the curling iron, and yes Blake was still whining about the sandals. Phew!

With all that over I made us a picnic lunch and we hurried out the door. As we were only a few exits away I opened up the packet that held the tickets to find out where we were to park. As I looked at these awesome seats printed on the tickets I noticed that



So, we found some great little group of people that were in need of tickets and handed them off. And they were some REALLY great seats! They seemed relieved to have found tickets and scurried off after expressing much gratitude! Hope you enjoyed the session people!

We kept the parking pass and stuck around Temple Square and the Plaza. There was a camera crew getting ready, the weather was just right and there were speakers blaring conference for all outside to enjoy! So we enjoyed being on the beautiful grounds as a family and snapped tons of pictures!

It began to sprinkle as we were loading in to the van. On our way home we swung by See's Chocolate and used my little gift certificate my sweet cousin Missy gave me and had a little sample too! After taking Dan back to his car at work, the girls and I headed home to meet up with our good friends the Danas and enjoyed dinner and playing and chatting!

So it turned out to be a pretty good day!

(Even though at dinner I tried twice to cook rice once on the stove and once an instant in the microwave and FAILED both times, and dropped 2 eggs on the floor....sheesh!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools'

How many times did I hear this phrase today! It really has got to be one of the worst "invented" days ever!

"There's a spider on your head"

"You sandals are untied"

"There's an egg on your head"

"How do you like that gum" "I'm not chewing any" "Ha April Fools'"


Now last year I actually had some fun with it. Blake had a field trip and I mad her a sack lunch with a sandwhich with a hole in the middle, a granola bar package with a stick of cheese inside, and pack of fruit snacks but instead pretzles. Clever right!?

This energy!

I was surprised I made it down to Orem to visit my cousin at work. She however got right in to the fooling! She makes a great assortment of cake balls/bites. Well, for today she dipped COTTON BALLS in chocolate and let people coming in and out of her work office (at the reception desk) feel free to grab a bite. Yuck! I cringe at thinking of biting in to a cotton ball. She totally has the April Fooling down.

So glad this day is done!

But here you can see my girls sporting some CAAAAARRAAAAZY hair. It's how Blake's school was encouraging the kids to celebrate the day without harming or hurting anyone.

I do have to say that Reese was witty today with a little joke. When at Costco there was a lady helping to box the stuff up, Reese asked "Can we live with you?" The lady, taken aback looked at her and Reese then said....


Hope you all had a fun filled day!