Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools'

How many times did I hear this phrase today! It really has got to be one of the worst "invented" days ever!

"There's a spider on your head"

"You sandals are untied"

"There's an egg on your head"

"How do you like that gum" "I'm not chewing any" "Ha April Fools'"


Now last year I actually had some fun with it. Blake had a field trip and I mad her a sack lunch with a sandwhich with a hole in the middle, a granola bar package with a stick of cheese inside, and pack of fruit snacks but instead pretzles. Clever right!?

This energy!

I was surprised I made it down to Orem to visit my cousin at work. She however got right in to the fooling! She makes a great assortment of cake balls/bites. Well, for today she dipped COTTON BALLS in chocolate and let people coming in and out of her work office (at the reception desk) feel free to grab a bite. Yuck! I cringe at thinking of biting in to a cotton ball. She totally has the April Fooling down.

So glad this day is done!

But here you can see my girls sporting some CAAAAARRAAAAZY hair. It's how Blake's school was encouraging the kids to celebrate the day without harming or hurting anyone.

I do have to say that Reese was witty today with a little joke. When at Costco there was a lady helping to box the stuff up, Reese asked "Can we live with you?" The lady, taken aback looked at her and Reese then said....


Hope you all had a fun filled day!


Katie said...

HAHaha. What a brave little girl. That is sooo funny:)

Kurt+Amy said...

Love the hair!