Saturday, July 16, 2011


It gets nice and hot around here! Popsicles usually save the day! I love how pink and sun kissed the girls get in the summer! It just ads to this picture!

We spend quite a bit of time outside with our neighborhood of friends! And it's fun to be able to supply all the kiddos with a popsicle. I have them line up at my door shortest to tallest or youngest to makes them think a bit. Oh, maybe next time I will have them recite an Article of Faith, scripture, or math problems! HA

Busy Busy!

We had a fun and busy week with family as we prepared for Blake's baptism and Fletcher's blessing! My in-laws and parent flew in from out of state to come and meet the new boy and be here for the baptism. It was such a great week spending so much time with in-laws celebrating our Nation's Independence (you know that's the preferred way of saying 4th of July...right!). For days we ate, and ate, and ate! Then my parents came in and it continued! We just had a down right great time celebrating together as a family!

Blake with Dan dressed in all white!

Lunch in the park with everyone from the baptism. Here's a pic of my youngest sister Kale, sister in law Jamie, mom Julie, and Me....and that's my sister in laws boyfriend kindly "photo bombing" the scene...thanks ROB!!!

FOUR generations of Morris Men....

I sure am proud of Blake! And feel very blessed to have Fletcher in our family!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Boy 2 Months

Here's my little guy napping with his daddy on the couch!!!