Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Room Change!

So lately the girls have been bickering abotu who gets to sleep on the bottom bunk. Seriously girls, who doesn't LOVE the top bunk. Anyways, its been a real hassle getting them to bed at night becuase of it. So to fix the problem we seperated their bunks to two single beds and assigned them to the loft. Speaking of lofts....I had some lofty ideas of sanding down all their furniture and painting it a robins- egg- blue-type-of-shade, however I realized it would require much of my time, energy and money, none of which I have to go around right now. So the paint on the furniture is chipping off, however it is super sturdy and was fantasticly FREE (thanks Woodhouse Family and their neighbors).

Take a look at the project!
Their bedroom downstairs during the switch....

Their terribly chipping and peeling paint on the bed in need of repair....

Eyes tightly closed for the reveal.....

The excitment of the new set up....(note the dresser drawers are slightly hideous and will be the first for repairs)

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My Pre-Schooler


Here is my Reese, all ready for school! She is so happy to be going to pre-school and has easily made so many little friends. She loves to look cute and is a genius with the "hip pop" pose, she is a fabulous swimmer, knows how to write her name, knows all her letters and their sounds, can, be quick to obey, loves to push her baby sister around in a laundry basket, can make us all laugh!

I adore this girl of mine!

Side note....we are soooo very blesseed to have Reese is a state funded pre-school (that means absolutely free for us!) located on the same campus as Blake's school! Blake attended this same pre-school program and we loved it! Reese goes Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12noon.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2nd Grader


Look at this girl, would ya!

I think she is just fantastic! Blake is 7 years old, she can ride a two wheeler, read just about anything, write chapters upon chapters of her own stories, loves her sisters, is a great swimmer, and now in the 2nd grade.
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