Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Time!

My Grandparents were in town for a family funeral and we were so lucky to get to see them for a minute and have a family dinner at Golden Corral! Some of my cousins made it along with their kids. It isn't often we get to see these grandparents as they live in Canada. Anyways, we had a GREAT time!!!

The girls had their pick of the desserts and couldn't get enough....neither could I!

My cousin Beau, he has lived with us in CA a couple of different times so the girls LOVE seeing him! He so kindly helped Blake dish up on both kids of ice cream on one cone!

My grandma, I have so many wonderful memories of my grandparents and hope my girls will be able to get to know them some too! Layne w/ Great Grandma Pitcher.
(Yes my Grandma looks young, she is. Both my grandparents are still only 78, I think!)

Second Cousins! Some people think it's odd that I'm close with MANY of my cousins, and my kids KNOW their 2nd cousins. Here's Taylor and Shasta's girls. Love good family time!
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Rock Climbing Reese

Yes I realize that many of my posts lately have been about Reese! I will change that! BUT...look at the fun this little girl had! My sister Kale has membership to THE QUARY a rock climbing gym. On Fridays she can bring a guest for free. Sadly I cannot go with this tiny growing baby in my body. Reese had been hesitant to go with Kale but finally she agreed to going and had a fun time! Next time Blake will get a chance!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My little girl is 5!!

Color? PINK
Show? PINK PANTHER & Rugrats
Movie? Barbie and a Mermaid Tale
Ice cream? Mint like dad
Place to visit? both grandparents' houses
Mountains or Beach? Beach, but I don't like to get sand on my hands, only on my feet
Tater-tots or hot dogs? Tater tots
Best friend? Logan
Letter? R, becuase it goes in my name
Primary Song? I am Child of God
Prophet? Joseph Smith
Any thing else? You didn't ask me my favorite number
Ok what is it? 5 becuase I'm 5, so that's my favorite
(funny thing and I shared this with her..but that's wht 5 is my favorite number, becuase I remember when I turned 5 and deicided that would be my favorite number)

I sure do love this little girl! She is always thinking and asking questions....and doesn't realize that her questions stem from her dreams both day and night. She put this cute little outfit together herself, and I think she's great! Happy Birthday my sweet girl! I love you!
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Here's the Butterfly cake for Reese's birthday!

And this amazing mountain cake that I helped out with a bit! My sister Kale make this masterpiece! She and her boyfriend rock climb together and his bday happens to be Reese's, too! So we had fun with cakes! AND lots of dishes!!!!

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Reese is 5!

Reese's day went a little like this!

Wake up and put the darnedest cute outfit on and eat breakfast with the family,then open a present from Grandparents Morris (a Tinkerbell doll that she played with right when she got home from school!) , then off to school with a bag full of cookies to share with her preschool class(she was anxious to go as she has been sick with a really bad cough/cold that has ended up as an ear infection). She came home from school had a bite and some time to play with her new doll all alone! I was busy working on her butterfly cake that turned out great!

After picking up Blake from school we "hid" her birthday presents and played "Hot & Cold" a family tradition from since I was a little kid! Then her guests arrived! We watched "Rugrats" as we waited for a few more guests then gathered together to read a story, went to the table for some butterfly shaped cheese and crackers, made a craft. Back down stairs for a game of "Catterpiller catterpiller, butterfly" (think duck duck goose)! Opened some presents...ate some cake. fluttered outside and then went home. It was a short hour and a half party and turned out wonderfully!

Look at this darling birthday girl!!!!! Here is an end to a great did we get there? take a look!
Make craft about the life cycle of a butterfly
(did you notice the AMAZINGly decorated butterfly cake...I did that! thanks! it's a theme!)

Read the kiddos the famous story "The hungry Little Catepiller"
and take longer than usual!

Eat butterfly shaped cheeses and crackers!

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Reese gets a haircut!

Reese has been wanting to get her hair cut shorter ever since Blake got her's done! So Monday (Valentine's Day) we just did it!!!! She got out of her tub and we all for it! And man it turned out DARLING!!!!
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Valentine's Day Fun





We had a great Valentine's Day, making anything we could in the shape of hearts!

We made mini bread pizzas, and ate some decorated cupcakes that we made the night before!

Heart shaped food tastes so much better!
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