Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family of 5!!

The night before!

All hooked up

Updating everyone!

Wow! We're a family of 5. How awesome! And we're all home and doing splendidly. Here's the story!

I did it. I took the wretched concoction of castor oil mixed with orange juice. I took the dose Monday night at 10pm. Watched some TV in bed and waited. I had anticipated for the stuff to work right away. I was wrong. I awoke at 12:30am to use the bathroom and crawled back in bed wondering when the stuff would kick in. As I was drifting off to kicked in! I started cramping from the castor oil 5 minutes before 1am. Oh it was not fun trying to lurch my large pregnant body out of bed to race to the toilet. All the while I was wondering when this would all stop. And stop it did. at 5 minutes before 2am. Exactly an hour. My system was empty and I was afraid that all I was going to get out of all that was cramps and a clean digestive system. I decided to stay up and literally bounce around to keep some contractions going. There was a bit of a lull in the contractions so I curled my hair and did my make-up, yes at 2am! Around 2:30am to 3am I noticed that there was some consistency to the contractions. So I waited and timed and tried to rest. They got pretty strong around 4am so I took a nice warm bath. The contractions got closer together so I hopped out and woke Dan at 5am. It was funny how quickly he popped up out of bed and quickly got dressed. We kissed the girls goodbye and headed for the hospital.

**NOTE: We are so fortunate to have my sister, Kohl, living with us and my brother and his wife, Chase and Jamie, in town on work and visiting.

So our drive to the hospital began. And so did the traffic. Oh I was so scared when I saw all those red tail-lights. SO many of them. But we were lucky that everyone was moving smoothly and the hospital was not a long drive away. I told Dan the night before and also when getting in the car how to get to the hospital. Both times I told him the WRONG freeway exit. I was working through a contraction and opened my eyes just in time to tell him, "This is the exit....see those buildings?" I would have been so mad at myself, because the exit I told him previously was several more miles down the freeway and we would have had to back-track through heavy traffic, all the while having some VERY hard contractions.

Well, we made it to the hospital just before 6am. Started to register and admit, and I decided that YES, I wanted that epidural. Now for those of you that don't know, I was scheduled to come in that very morning at 8am for a c-section/VBAC induction. I have been wanting a VBAC the whole pregnancy and just felt that I would be fine. The nurses thought it was great that I was there a few hours early and on my own schedule! Once I was finally admitted and checked (only at 4cm at 7am), I finally got that epidural at 7:30am. It took the guy 4 sticks in my back to get it right! Man, that's what hurts now! So just after 8am, and Dan's 1 and a half episodes of "Go, Diego, Go!", I was comfortable and resting well with no pain or feeling in my legs!

The pressure came and a nurse checked me at 9:20am and informed me that I had reached 10cm and once I felt enough pressure to push then we'd have a baby!. A midwife came in and advised I NOT push quite yet but to let the baby come down naturally. Down she came! And at about 10:30am I called the nurse and said I was ready to try pushing, Now the midwife wanted to make sure I remembered how to push so before she got suited up I gave it a go. And I remembered! And my pushing was great if I do say so myself. And after about 4 really good pushes out she came! And she came LOUDLY. Only her head was out and she was already declaring her entrance in to the world!

I am so happy with how things went. From the very beginning of the pregnancy I just had September 29th stuck in my head as THE delivery date. And I had just picked Dan up the day before from his touring. I was set on the date and feel very blessed that it all went according to plan.

So she's pretty darn cute! She was born at 10:49am on September 29th. She was 8lbs 13oz and 20 1/2 long.
Just Born

Sucking away!

We had some visitors at the hospital. I called Blake's school so she could get out and meet her new sister. My sister Kohl, sister-in-law Jamie and Reese took much too long for Blake's excitement. She felt like she was waiting in the office forever! My other sister-in-law, Jillian, also came by. And my good friend Genine and her kiddos came for a visit, too! They brought Dan some In-N-OUt and me a delicious lemonade!
Big sisters checking her out!
Blake & Layne
Reese & Layne

Our friends visiting and watching her first bath!

We were very pushy about going home and we were able to get home that same day at 11pm. It is so much nicer to be at home healing than at a hospital. I went home early with my other girls, Blake born at 11:11am we were at home by 8pm same day, and Reese c-section at 12:16pm we went home the next day at 6pm. And thankfully I heal quickly. I really don't have any pain, besides the multiple poke holes in my back and hand, and general discomfort and aches.

So we're home and it feels great. The girls love their new little sister. They want to hold and cuddle her, and poke at her. They have so many questions and are very concerned at her cries and black poop!

Oh and a name. When I came across the name I just loved it. And Dan was away on tour at the time but thought of the name on his own too. When I discovered the name it was spelled one way, and I quite liked it! It looked so pretty. But i soon learned that this name we loved so much is a family name. It's my Grandmother's sister's middle name, and this sister just so happens to be the third sister! Well have stuck with the name but felt the spelling needed to be changed to be like the family spelling, it's more historical and fits wonderfully!

Her name is Layne.

And we just LOVE her!

Dad doing his typical bonding of napping and listening to some quality music!!
With mom about to go home!

In the car seat ready to finally be at home!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just in case you forgot!

I go in to the hospital tomorrow in the hopes that I am "ripe" enough to have my water broke and have this little baby. My appointment is at 8am. So cheers for tomorrow!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What will this baby look like!?

It's a very exciting time in our house right now! We have something planned for each day and I can't even believe how quickly the days have been passing by. I have enjoyed spending some one-on-one time with my girls. And have made sure to tell them how happy I am that they became a part of our family. Reminding them that they too once were tiny babies, and the happiness and joy they brought to Dan and me. They love listening to stories from when they were little and can't wait to meet their new little sister. Dan and I chat about what this one will look like. If she'll have dark hair, eyes something other than blue, look more like Blake or Reese. We only have a few more days to see for ourselves! Well, people have said that Dan and I each got our own little copies of ourselves. Blake looking so much like me, and Reese looking so much like Dan. Well, take a look at this little kid....

don't you see both girls in that little girl! It's hard for parents to see what others see when they say "Oh how much she/he looks like you." But when I can see me as a child it's really crazy how much our kids really do look like us! But isn't that just the cutest little 5 year old from the 80's you ever did see (on my blog)....this is where you say YES!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Almost Time!

So I must admit....I'm counting down!

As of today, Sunday, I will be having my 3rd child in 8 days. That's not including the actual day, which is Tuesday the 29th of September! Only 8 more days! I am still shocked to think of it coming so soon. The girls and I have plans for each day to keep us busy!

Monday we'll be going to see "Rainy With a Chance of Meatballs" with our family home evening friends the Sayers.

Tuesday we have Young Women's.

Wednesday the girls and I are planning on going out to find a cute little outfit for their baby sister to wear home from the hospital.

Thursday we'll head to the beach since there's no school!

Friday the girls and I will rent Barbie and the Three Musketeers and eat popcorn together.

Saturday some great friends from church are throwing a baby shower for me...I think that's still happening!?

Sunday is the ward primary program, always a HOOT!

Monday I pick up Dan from the airport and go hiking, running, stair climbing, and all that stuff that gets the body ready to have a baby!

Tuesday I'll be heading in to the hospital in hopes that I am "ripe" enough to encourage a VBAC.

So there's my week! Holy Moly Guacamole! I am without words.

Yes, I do have a back up plan. But let's not dwell on that seeing is how I won't have a husband until Monday next week!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Reese Goes to Pre-School

The title sounds like a little book!

Man-oh-man, is this little girl the cutest?! The first day both Dan and I were able to drop her off and wish her well as pre-school. She was so excited to bring her snack of apples in a plastic bag with her name on it. She can recognize her name and she's been working on writing it down. As we were driving to her school she talked NON-STOP. And I really mean that. She asked question after question, and tried to remind us of one thing or another. Then as we were pulling in to the parking lot she said, "You're not dropping me off." Meaning that we'd come inside with her. She sometimes gets a bit nervous about being dropped off even at very familiar places, so we always remind her that we will be coming back in just a short while to come and get her. After playing with some puppets and toys we tried to give hugs and kisses and get out the door, but all she did was say, "Okay, goodbye." And could care less about the hugs and kisses. Well, the second day she was NOT thrilled with going to school, however the teachers were able to coax her out of my arms and she really did fine!

It's really quite exciting to have little kids grow up and develop, stepping in to new experiences that help them to continue to grow. I love that my kids enjoy school! I wonder how long it will last!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just some pictures!

Dan and the girls watching some shows on the computer!
At a backyard birthday water party: Tanner, Blake, Grace, Ashlyn
At the backyard birthday water party Reese enjoying her juice!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can you see my fingers!?

I think my girls' sisterly bond is finally growing on account that Blake is at school most of the day which makes them more apt to playing with each other. They can be content for nearly 2 hours playing Polly Pockets, Barbies, Family, Pet Store, and they use EVERY toy or stuffed animal. It's usually quiet during this time, minus the very high pitch "play voice" that comes from Reese as her doll/toy has a conversation with one of Blake's. This kind of play extends to meal times as well. Suddenly blueberries or crackers have a voice and they are looking for their mother or sister!

Anyways. They sometimes are so attached that they hurry to the bathroom together then resume play. However, their play continues in the bathroom and they have been found BOTH using the toilet (the same toilet) at the same time. That's a job for boys, not girls. So we're trying to teach them that privacy is important when using the restroom or changing. So these cute little girls will wait for each other outside the bathroom door.

Well, somehow my privacy does not count. I'll shut the door to use the restroom and the girls want to join me. I politely ask them for privacy but they continue their talking at me with the door closed. They don't quite understand that sometimes privacy also includes SILENCE. Whether I am in my room or bathroom and I exclaim that I would like some privacy, I know they are still near by. Reese won't leave the door alone. She lies on the floor on the opposite side and yells, "Mom, you in there?" "Mom, you goin' potty?" "Did you take a shower?" "Mom, look can you see my fingers?"

So long as I know she's there, or at least her fingers, then she's perfectly content with being on the other side of the door!