Friday, January 15, 2010


Our little family!
Reese Bundled up and ready to play in the snow!
Cute sisters.
Blake lost her tooth and chose too keep it instead of sending it with the tooth fairy.

I don't believe that I have been truly too busy to post, or just plain LAZY!!

Either way, I have been enjoying the fact that I am not on the computer nearly as much as I have been in the past. I attribute it to being out of town for 3 whole weeks, most of the time in rural Pennsylvania with no cell service and no need to leave the house.

So a bit of an update of the holidays.

The girls and I flew (they all did fantastic and were a joy to be with) to Detroit to see Dan's parents and eventually meet up with him following his last show on the tour. It was great to be together again as a family. It had only been about 3 or 4 weeks since the last time, but we look forward to it eat time.

After staying in Detroit for 5 days we drove to my parents' house in PA. It's only a 7 hour drive or so to the middle of nowhere, a place where there is no cell service, a place where the backyards have no fences or boundaries, a place where your neighbors are family. Very much a picture from a postcard.

We spent the next 10 days with my family. All of my siblings were their with their families. Three grand-babies were born in 2009, our family is growing. Such a wonderful feeling. Like I said we didn't have much need to even leave the house. Except for playing in the snow and going to church, the girls and Dan stayed put. I ventured out one day with my sister and sister-in-law to get some groceries and pizza, another day with the "moms" to some craft stores. It was super nice to be away from the busy-ness of life!

We returned to Dan's parents in time to set up our own New Years Eve party and meet up with Dan's parents. It's always a treat to be with family. They took us out to see Princess and the Frog, we got a sitter while the adults went to see Avatar, and then Dan and I met up with some friends while the grandparents watched the girls and we saw The Blind Side.

Sadly we had to leave. Vacationing is so nice! We left Detroit early in the morning in a brisk 22 degrees, to arrive home in CA later that day with clear blue skies and a warm 77 degrees! Amazing.

So we are home. Trying to get back in to the "Groove" of life and schedules. I am struggling with keeping a tidy home. Blankets are thrown about, beds rarely made, laundry piling up in the hallway, and I haven't vacuumed once.

I have however been out to walk the loop, just over 3 miles, jog here and there, and Young Women activities. I did jog a 5 1/2 mile loop just yesterday and feel it today.

I have also lost 4 pounds in the last week of being home. Very exciting. So here I go putting it out to the blogging world....I am making every effort to lose weight. I am pushing hard and doing my best to lose 60 pounds. Yup! Down 4....

Last night I even decided to have the sugar free/fat free ice cream with Raspberries instead of the fudge brownie batter ice cream with oreos. My little dish was so delicious to be and only 150 calories. Yay!

Happy New Year all!