Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LEGO Birthday Party

A LEGO birthday party?When did she adopt a 7 year old boy? You may be asking yourself. Well, my fun littlest sister just turned 19. She loves LEGOs! Not like super obsessed she has a problem....but she just enjoys the constructing and relaxing and creating with LEGO's. It's awesome!

So for her 19th birthday, the girls and I threw her a surprise party. We had some help from some of my cousins who were in on it!

The guests came in and made a guess as to how many LEGOs were in the vase (231) and my Blake was the closest with a guess of 200.

Then we all headed to the FUN spread of food!

Graham crackers with mini reese's peanut butter cups to look like a 2x2 brick, red green and blue jell-o jigglers, chips and salsa, crackers with cheese trying to look like a 2x1 brick, home-made oreo cookies with bright LEGO color frosting, salad, blondies. It was good food!

Then after that little munch of food everyone decorated their LEGO man's head and we payed "Pin the head on the LEGO man"

Then we had the requested dinner of home-made chicken noodle soup and rolls!! It is frequently requested by my sibling and family members! And I enjoy making it! (sorry no pictures....yes the noodles were hand-made!)

After which we watched Kale, birthday girl, open up her presents!

Then we head outside to crack open the pinata. What birthday was your last pinata at? were you 4, 8, maybe 10!? Kind of fun to have a pinata at a 19 year old birthday party!. Yes, the pinata is in the shape of a LEGO! It was constructed from spools of ribbon and a box of muscle milk.

I love birthdays! And I'm so glad I can be close to my darling sister and get to know her all over again! She's such a dear sister and a fantastic Aunt to my girls! She's so great to have around!



now I hope my boys love legos so I can throw them a party like this!
great work!

Camille said...

You are so creative...and such a FUN sister!!!! I can't believe she is 19?!?! She is such a cutie!!!

Sarah said...

holy crap!! so cute. ps... I DO have a (soon to be) 7 year old son in July and I'm stealing this idea!!!
love ya

Liz said...

How fun! I wanna do that for Xander's next party!! He loves Legos!!

Liz said...

Hey can I have your soup recipe?? I've always wanted to make homemade chicken noodle...and with homemade noodles..oh my!