Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look who turned 4...


She can write out her name all by herself, sing the ABC's, hop on one foot (as asked by the Dr.), use scissors, addicted to TV, use the sewing machine (with some help of course!), and make messes beyond belief.

She had her 4 year old check up and she is about 40lbs, 40 inches, got 2 shots, AND blood drawn. Just a bit of yelping, but she got through it!

The Birthday Grump

We had a birthday party on Tuesday, her actual birthday. We had a blast! She had all her little friends come to the park and play, look for monkeys (the theme), eat her favorite lunch of: circle sandwich, apple juice, and orange cheese. While the adults munched on some Costco Chinese chicken salad and rolls. The cake was a monkey, and I have to say that I am impressed with myself!

We had a great day celebrating and she got so many cute little gifts! Thank you all who love my little girl!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I made the girls matching skirts. They looked pretty cute! It's fun having all girls. It's easy to dress them alike and they seem to enjoy it, for now! They wore their cute skirts to church then changed into another matching outfit when we got home!

My sweet cousin that moved from here to UT was in town for the day. That was a treat!

No gifts were exchanged between the spousal until and myself. I'm fine with that. Having him home for such a long time is a great gift! We did give the girls a few little gifts. A book, a stuffed bear, and some little jewelry. They look cute with dangly earrings. Poor Reese's skin is easily irritated. So no necklace for her.

It's SOOOOOOO nice to have the computer back.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hey friends, family, strangers!

Well, thankfully we're back online.

Unfortunately, our hard drive was completely destroyed. Thus leaving me short about 5000 photos. Yes you read correctly! I take photos like crazy.

So please, oh please....if you think you have some photos of my cute little family please let me know! My latest pregnancy and early days of my baby Layne and all of 2009. Take a look in your collection and see what you might have!

I'll be your bestest friend!

Whoever can send me the MOST pictures of my family I would love to offer you my services and give you a photo shoot for ANYTHING you'd, baby, grad, dog, house, back yard, etc.

Monday, February 1, 2010

How I Loathe Thee....

Let me just start by saying.....UGH!

We've never had computer problems....except for our laptop being stolen from our home while I was bathing my kids (that's a whole different post)....we've never had problems. I attribute that to having an iMAC.

I'm a MAC.....

We love it! But while watching a movie the other night the power went out thus making the computer unable to log-in to our settings. So frustrating.

I LOATHE computer problems.

So if you are wondering where I am, I'm at home, without a computer, that's where you can find me!