Friday, April 30, 2010

10 things....

amazing friend that are willing to do anything for me.....even pick up kids ALL week long! (thanks michelle)
pool days with my family
a job (mine & Dan's)
baking and cooking
my sisters
good examples
cute bows in my girls' hair that match their outfit
having my husband home

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I just got a good deal on some diapers, and thought I would pass it along. If you go to, and are a new customer, you can get $10 off your order (by using the referral promo code: SHAY4667), plus a $15 rebate, and free shipping, if you spend $49 or more.

So, here's what you do:

1. Go to, and pick out any combination of diapers that add up to $49.
2. When you check out, use referral promo code : SHAY4667. You should get free shipping on your order of $49 or more ($49 before you take the $10 discount off at checkout). They should arrive within a couple of business days. Another bonus: they didn't charge me sales tax (and don't for most states), so that saved me a few more dollars over the grocery store.
3. Go to
and follow instructions to get your $14.97 rebate. (Basically, you are opting out of getting a free year subscription to Parenting magazine and they just give you the money they would have spent on your subscription instead. If you don't do this step, you'll end up getting the magazine.)

*There's another code on their website that says you can get $5 off your order for being a new customer. You cannot stack this with your referral code, so it's better to use the referral code to get $10 off.

Once you join, you can get your own referral code and pass that along to other people you know who may find this helpful. Or you can just forward mine if you decide not to do it.

Hope this is helpful. Send this to anyone you know who needs a great deal on diapers!

AND even accepts manufacturer's coupons. You send them in and they'll tack it on to your account THUS saving you even more!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

After Midnight Project!

Check out this amazing band! I know the guy on the left. Isn't he HOT!
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break Madness!

What a week! I will try to sum it up...we did a LOT! And saw a TON of people!

April 1st- left for St George and stayed the night @ Aunt Karen
April 2nd- Stayed in St George, relaxed ate yummy cookies, and delish burgers
April 3rd- ate breakfast in St George, watched 1st session of Conference the drove north. I listened to 2nd session of Conference while girls slept! Went to Marin's in Provo (long time friend of mine since age 11) Went to Caroline's for fun junk food! And got to see Kaylene, Larkie (private), Rachel, Elliana, Miriam....all my cousins! And met Marlese and her kiddos!
Stayed @ Larkie's for the night
April 4th- Easter bunny delivered some candies and we had multiple egg hunts! Drove to Means' in Alpine and had a 2nd Easter dinner....with THE best orange rolls! Stayed the night @ Means
April 5th- saw "How to Train Your Dragon" w/ Means! (that makes twice for us!)
April 6th- drove down the street to our friends Bulkley's in Lehi, ate at Mc D's and lounged
April 7th- Headed in to Salt Lake to meet w/ Jamie, Jana, Sara & Colin, Melissa, and
Monica, good friend from the High School days! Girls and I ventured to Temple Square to see the temple, then to Natalie & Garrett's and stay the night
April 8th- checked out Treehouse Museum, went to visit Great Grandparents, ate @ Zupas went to Uncle Brad & Aunt Joette's, saw Quinn and Aubree & Jon, Tried to find a way to contact Shasta but failed.....sorry we missed you Shasta xoxo Back to Layton for the night and visit with Tiffany (Dan's youngest sister)
April 9th- Lounged around with Madison and Tiff. Left for Orem to pick up some stuff I left at Larkie's and eneded up staying the night cause parents just sat and chatted while kids played and ended up falling asleep.
April 10th- left for Cedar City to meet up with Mandy, another old high school friend
then to St George to meet up with Tracie an old college roomate, stayed the night @ Aunt Karen's again and had green chilli for dinner then a second dinner of chicken cordon bleu, always good food there!
April 11th- headed for home. stopped in Vegas to see another old high school friend John Tippets

Whew! What a trip! On the final stretch home from Vegas I was so tired and drank about a gallon of caffeine, a bag of puffy cheetos, and candy corn. Yuck! Later that night I had crazy shakes! But we did make it home!

We loved every minute of our trip! Thank you to everyone for making it such a great trip!

Spring Break 3

Visiting with Great Grandparents
Uncle Brad Aunt Joette, and Aubree
My cousins Stephen and Christopher...these boys give GREAT hugs!
Long time friends.....high school days! Jill and Amy
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Spring Break 2

Eating lunch with Means cousins in Alpine @ Dimitri's! Missy, Becca, Savanna, Reese, Blake
Special dinner at Mc Donalds with Logan and Maggie
Dinner with Melissa, Colin and sara, Jamie, Monica, Jana and Wes and their cute boy Jay
Girls at the Salt Lake was freezing!
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Spring Break!

We got to visit my cousins in St George! Girls w/ Weston
I got a fantastic massage from my cousin while in St George....thanks Verro!
The girls got to meet some 2nd cousins on my side!
L-R in back Miriam holding baby William (belongs to Kaylene), Marlese holding her boy Talon, Caroline holding her boy Malachi and her girl Aimi Lark, Me holding baby Layne. Kaylene in the back, Cousin Eliana, Larkie holding her boy Atticus, Rachel holding Jordan (on the right Larkie's girl) and Mali Sue on Left (Caroline's girl) Blake is smushed on the floor, Reese is smooshed behind Mali Sue, and Marlese's girl in the car (can't remember her name...sorry!)
Having and making memories at Peppermint Place in Alpine...I use to visit the candy shop when i was a little girl visiting my grandparents when they lived in Alpine!
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My baby is eating solids. it made me happy to make a special space in the drawer for her!
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Easter dresses


I love a new outfit! especially as the weather changes! Here's my cute family welcoming spring in our spring dresses! Thanks Grandma for the girls' outfits!
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