Friday, July 31, 2009


"The hills are alive, with the sound of music," but not Shay's garage. It's hot, smelly, crowded and filled with her sibling's belongings. We're all just gather dust as we sit here. The bikes and beach chairs are the only ones that ever get any attention. Oh how I would love for someone to play scales and arpegios. Or even a young child to tinker out "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," it doesn't even have to be a famous musical number. I just need to be loved and played with, maybe even dusted occasionally. Is there a home out there that is in need of me? I come with a reasonable price! Please, oh please, bring me to your house so that your home can be filled with the sound of music!

Shay's Piano
(I'm for sale!)


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Name Help!

I need help with a name. So I'm putting you to the test!

I need a name for.......the best cake I've ever made! So go check out my food blog and take a peek at the cake and the recipe.

You thought I needed help naming my baby.....ha! Got you! I have a name already picked out and I LOVE it. We all LOVE it!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I admit to not tending to my kids first thing in the morning. They get up turn shows on for themselves, climb to the cupboards to get some cereal, and sometimes even play nicely with each other. For example this morning it's 9:30am and I'm just leaving my room after sleeping in until 8am and reading a book in peace.

The girls have been playing "house" in the living room and have made the stairs in to their home and beds for their baby dolls. The funny thing is, as I came down the hallway I see Blake kneeling over Reese as she's lying on the floor with her knees bent and a bulge under her dress. All the while Blake is saying "PUSH, PUSH." Yes, Reese was birthing in the living room. And Blake took it upon herself to be the mid-wife in attendance. I don't even know how they know that you have to actually push a baby out. But I do KNOW for certain that they....wait a minute.....I've got to check on something....just found out that YES, Blake knows where a baby is pushed out of. Wow.

(Blank) Don't know what to say!?

Anyways. They are still playing quite nicely together. I enjoy times like these. When all is good in the house!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


cir⋅cum⋅nav⋅i⋅gate  [sur-kuhm-nav-i-geyt]
–verb (used with object), -gat⋅ed, -gat⋅ing.
1. to sail or fly around; make the circuit of by navigation: to circumnavigate the earth.
2. to go or maneuver around: to circumnavigate the heavy downtown traffic.

Today after picking my cousin up at the Long Beach Airport, we headed to Marina Del Rey to welcome back Zac Sunderland, the youngest ever to circumnavigate the world solo! He left when 16 and had a birthday while away! There was quite a crowd and plenty of ships in the harbor, too. We only just heard about him on Tuesday from my Aunt. There are some others out there trying to beat his record, but Zac responds with "I don't care if it gets beat. I am the first youngest ever."

Anyways, it was a beautiful day and looking at all those boats sure was fun. I always think how nice it would be to buy my dad a boat someday. The girls loved seeing all the boats and Reese asked, "Mom, someday, when I get older can I go on a boat." Cute girl! We met up with our cousins there and spent some time with them. The bigger kids stayed in line to get his autograph declaring their love for him (quite a handsome young lad). I wanted to just get a picture with my girls and him. He was super busy the moment he stepped off his boat, that he bought at 16 with his own money! Read all about his adventures at the link above.
Captured when I said: In-N-Out rocks, he responded Sure Does!

After all was said and done, Blake wanted me to come watch her "show" on a little tiny stage. She picked flowers and requested that I throw them at her when she completed her "show." So we did! Can she get any more imaginative!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


We went to such a fun little birthday party today! My sign language teacher, and friend, has 2 girls. The oldest turned 5 today and the party was VERY pink. On the invites we were encouraged to wear pink. So the girls, Kale and I all went! There was a pink jump house, pink cotton candy, pink cupcakes, pink balloons, pink...well you get the point! My little girls were thrilled with it all of course. Oh and I was thrilled, too, but only because nearly half of the people there were deaf!!!! It was so fun being able to use my signing skills. And I actually understood stuff. Sure I had to ask what the sign for some things were by finger-spelling, but I was so glad to have been able to chat with so many people both hearing and deaf. So does this mean I'm bi-lingual? I'd say NO, I have so much more to learn and practice! Oh and to see the little kids sign with other kids and their parents was darling! Their tiny little chubby fingers moving so fast. It's amazing! Anyways...check out the pictures from the day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Singer!

Check out Reese singing in the video to the side. She'll sing till the day is long. And car drives are rarely silent!

or Visit¤t=dscn4986.flv

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My husband!

This is really exciting! My Dan is on tour right now with his band After Midnight Project. And just had an article published on just him in the Troy Times, where he grew up in Troy, MI. Anyways, you just have to check out the article! It's super exciting!

Anyways, here's the article:

Troy native gets ‘Warped’
Athens grad tours nationally with the band AMP, plays Comerica Park

By Terry Oparka
C & G Staff Writer

TROY — Danny Morris, Troy Athens High School Class of ’96 graduate and drummer for After Midnight Project, first picked up his drumsticks when he was 10 years old.

His mother, Stephanie Morris, said that their neighbors were very understanding about the up to four hours of rock and roll drumbeats vibrating from their home when Danny was growing up.

“He always loved music,” Stephanie said. “He took piano lessons for four years and then took up the drums in fifth-grade. That’s when he fell in love with drumming, she said. “His dad (Dan) was a drummer and they loved time together, but Danny passed up his dad. … We were just so amazed at this talent.”

After Midnight Project , or AMP, is hot.

They completed a 15-week U.S. tour in February and will perform at Comerica Park July 31 as part of the 35-date Warped Tour.

The band recently released a single titled “Take Me Home,” which Morris said is the most added song on alternative radio for the second week in a row.

Their album, released by Universal Motown Records, titled “Let’s Build Something to Break,” will be available Aug. 11.

AMP, an alternative rock band, formed in 2004.

Morris’ musical influences include Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews Band, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Muse.

His said his teachers in Troy, Larson Middle School band teacher Larry Jansen, Athens teacher Fred Junod and music teacher Mark Petty, along with parents — especially his father — also influenced his strong love of music.

It was Morris’ wife, Shay, who had that idea that he should pursue a career in music.

He was attending college in Utah, majoring in international business and minoring in Italian.

“She said, ‘You talk about music and drumming and come alive. You should pursue it.’”

So he did.

Morris attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, then headed to Los Angeles to audition to be a drummer with AMP.

“We were concerned that a music career would be a really difficult road, seeing how there are more starving artists than super stars,” Stephanie said. “But we have never discouraged him, because we have recognized his talent as a gift, and he has always had so much drive and determination, we couldn’t see him failing.”

The band travels in a 40-foot RV provided by HK Army and pulls a trailer filled with equipment to get from gig to gig. And it’s not always easy.

Jasen Evigan, lead vocalist for the band, describes life on the road as a cross between the movies “Almost Famous,” “Space Jam,” and Space Balls.”

They blew two tires in Phoenix on their way to play in Los Angeles. They changed the tires and made it on time.

And every couple of months, the band talks things out to clear the air.

“If there’s a problem, we adjust it then and there so it doesn’t turn into a fight,” Evigan said. To break the monotony, the band plays the video games “Photo Hunt” and “Bag.”

When the band pulls into town later this month, they will camp out at Morris’ parents’ home.

“My parents open their house to us and let us sleep there for free,” Morris said.

The band is looking forward to playing in Comerica Park.

“It’s awesome to play in a big venue like Comerica Park in a place you grew up in,” Morris said.

“We are his biggest fans,” Stephanie said. “He’s amazing.”

The band will be busy touring for the rest of the year, but may be reached by calling (310) 597-4033. They may be seen and heard online at and on Twitter at AMP-LA

Friday, July 3, 2009

Huge Catch-Up

So the last month has just flown by. We've been super busy and having LOADS of fun! Here's what we've been up to:

6th- Blake's last day of Kindergarten
7th- Dan gets home from a 16 week tour
9th-13th- Shay at girls camp
12th- Aunt Kale gets in town
16th- Grandpa S gets in town
17th-19th- Shay and Dan away for anniversary
21st- Father's Day and Celebrate Blake's 6th bday
22nd- Leave for beach camping and Blake turns 6
26th- Come home from beach camping, Dan has a SOLD OUT show at the Key Club
29th- Dan officially leaves for Warped Tour (35 dates, gone for 6 weeks), Blake and Reese start up our very own Summer School Home-School program.
3rd- Finally get around to loading up over 200 pictures, think about cleaning up some, wonder what the baby clothing situation is, hope to have plans for the 4th of July Weekend!

Take a look at pictures to the side!