Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can you smell it??

Ok so where have we been? Hum! I have been busy with my online classes. I just finished a Philosophy Statement for Recreation last night! Ouch! Yes, I have been taking classes, 13 credits worth! Sign Language, Childhood Development, Recreation, Photography. Keeps be busy! But I kind of like it! AND I was accepted to the Masters’ Program at CSUN for Recreation! I’ll be starting in January, probably only taking a few classes at a time! But I’m pretty excited about it! WhooHoo!

As for the girls, we’ve been trick or treating, “hunting,” shopping, cleaning, Blake is loving school. So much so that she doesn’t go to the bathroom on her own and pee’s her pants at school during their “center” times.....any suggestions on that I’d totally appreciate it! Such a drag!

Dan has been working for an entertainment company acting as a production assistant. He picks up and delivers sensitive material for t.v. and film. He drives a company car and gets to listen to his iPod and still gets to make it to the studio with the band. They are finalizing the record, and we’ll wait to see what happens next! We’re pretty excited!

So check out the pictures and take a look of some of my photography work and see the cute girlies!!!