Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello there!

We are home from the most epic of family vacations ever experienced by the Morris Family! We were able to fly to Michigan to stay with Dan's parents for a night, then took our rental van for a drive even further west to rural Pennsylvania to visit my family for a few days! There we played with 2nd cousins, had fun game nights, treasure hunts, long naps, good food, too many sweets, rides on the gator, and lazy days in the yard. No complaints, minimal fights, and happiness all around! It ended all too soon! But then, our travels took us west once more back to Michigan where we met up with Dan's sisters and their spouse/family, and his parents to venture north where the trees turned more and more green. The skies more blue, and the clouds even seemed whiter and fluffier than ever! It was such a treat to stay in Mackinaw City, MI, in a fantastic condo. We then took a ferry to Mackinac Island, MI. You may know it from the movie "Somewhere In Time" with Jane Seymore and Christopher Reeves. The only way to get around the tiny island is to walk, bike, horse and carriage! What a gorgeous island! The homes were beautiful! The company was a delight, the fudge delicious, and although it rained nearly the whole day on the island I felt like the luckiest kid ever! I took more pictures but these are just some of the highlights from the trip!