Saturday, April 2, 2011

Conference Weekend

My dad is a Branch President in PA and was able to get some tickets to the Saturday afternoon conference session. Well, he gave them to my sister first, but she decided to go to St George for my sister-in-law, Jamie, twin's baby blessing. Lucky us, we got them!

We watched the morning session and readied ourselves while listening. It was kind of a stressful little bit....I was curling Reese's hair, Blake was whining about her sandals not fitting right, Layne fell down the stairs, I consoled Layne and then Reese burned her finger on the curling iron, and yes Blake was still whining about the sandals. Phew!

With all that over I made us a picnic lunch and we hurried out the door. As we were only a few exits away I opened up the packet that held the tickets to find out where we were to park. As I looked at these awesome seats printed on the tickets I noticed that



So, we found some great little group of people that were in need of tickets and handed them off. And they were some REALLY great seats! They seemed relieved to have found tickets and scurried off after expressing much gratitude! Hope you enjoyed the session people!

We kept the parking pass and stuck around Temple Square and the Plaza. There was a camera crew getting ready, the weather was just right and there were speakers blaring conference for all outside to enjoy! So we enjoyed being on the beautiful grounds as a family and snapped tons of pictures!

It began to sprinkle as we were loading in to the van. On our way home we swung by See's Chocolate and used my little gift certificate my sweet cousin Missy gave me and had a little sample too! After taking Dan back to his car at work, the girls and I headed home to meet up with our good friends the Danas and enjoyed dinner and playing and chatting!

So it turned out to be a pretty good day!

(Even though at dinner I tried twice to cook rice once on the stove and once an instant in the microwave and FAILED both times, and dropped 2 eggs on the floor....sheesh!)


Michelle L. said...

what a bummer! But the pictures turned out GREAT! Miss you tons!

KickButtMommy said...

GORGEOUS photos!

Kurt+Amy said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!! What a hectic little family adventure, sad you weren't able to go in and watch the session. But I'm glad things worked out in the end your girls are all so pretty! Layne looks extra gorgeous in that cute photo of your 3. ♥ you

JoElle said...

How nice to enjoy temple square with the family. The girls probably wouldn't have lasted too long inside, but what a bummer to have all that hassle.