Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Shower!!!

It may not come as a shock to you like it was for me, but looking at pictures from my baby shower from today I didn't know I have a DOUBLE CHIN.

How come nobody told me. Sheesh! At least I can laugh about it, right!?


Today was such a FANTASTIC day! My dear sweet friend, Jamie, that I've know since age 8, we were baptized on the same day in the same font in the Canyon Country building! Well, Jamie threw me such a fun baby shower. I'm still in shock of the generosity of others. And love that so many friendships have lasted through decades!

I was born in Colorado and 4 of my childhood friends, we're talking ages 2-6, came with gifts of clothes and diapers and blankets! The last time I saw them I think I was 14 or 15?? (I'm super sad I missed getting a picture with them!)

Long time family friends and one of my childhood crushes, age 8-12 ish, his mother and sister came with darling outfits and hand-made blankets and burp clothes!

My sister and cousins helped out tons and even brought a gift! My cousin game up a trip to Santa Barbara, Ca, to stick around and make the most delicious cake balls!

My aunt and cousins came with darling home-crafted stuff!

My friend from high-school came!

Two of my college/dorm-mates came with gifts and love!

Friends from when I was newly married came with some of my more recently made friends!

Ward friends came!

Neighbor friends came!

Sisters-in-law, cousins-in-law, Great Grandparents-in-law!

My mother-in-law sent party favors designed JUST for this occasion! And designed some little onesies and burp clothes with the yummiest of colors.

Really, I felt so overwhelmingly LOVED. Amazed. I am till in awe even several hours later. I don't think I'll need to buy diapers or wipes until he's 4 months old. I'm set on clothes for probably the whole first year!

I'm really blown away and feel so lucky and blessed from today's events! I don's think I could use enough exclamation marks to share my elation!

So for those of you that came and contributed and showed your support and shared your time with me.....THANK YOU! My heart is so filled from all of your love!


Camille said...

You are ADORABLE!!!! You and your stinkin cute curly hair!!! What a fun baby shower....and ofcourse you are loved!!! Everyone knows and LOVES Shay Morris!!!! Miss you Friend!!!

Daniel said...

I love your blog. What a smart niece I have. What wonderful friends you have.Love, Aunt STACEY

Pam said...

I'm not surprised one bit that you had an outpouring of guests from your past and present. I know for me you are one of the easy people to be around. I am glad you had such a wonderful day!

Michelle L. said...

So FUN! Your hair is way cute, and you can have a double chin, you are preggo! Now what is my excuse?
Love you and miss you! And totally cant WAIT to see what lil' man looks like! Eek!

Kay Byers said...

Shay - You brighten up ANY day! I am so glad to have found your blog again. I will savor what I have missed tomorrow on my "no grandkids" day!! Tell Reese we miss her - Ella Barlow comes to play with Taylor now and they have a great time too!

Happy BABY!!!!! Love, Kay

JoElle said...

I wish I could have been there too. You're so close to the happy day. Can't wait to see the little guy!