Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Reese decided to be a butterfly/fairie at just about the last minute, as she had been telling many people she was planning on being PippiLongstocking. We braided her hair the night before and it turned out to be really wavy for the next day at pre-school and the school's 37th annual Halloween Parade. Blake stuck to the idea of a witch for some time and we found this cute costume and had fun with the tights. We put pink sponge curlers in her hair the night before and they both looked darling!
Our ward had a "Trunk-or-Treat" party on Saturday the 30th. You'll have to know that unlike some states, CA does not find it important to keep the Sabbath Day holy, and incourages all sorts of hoolighans to run a muck! Quite like the one you see above. Our Salvation Army had a swell deal on everything...HALF OFF. So I decided to throw something together for Dan. At the party he got a bit of guesses at his costume: McGyver, Joe Dirt. trailer trash. MacGruber. We were just going with 80's TV. He sure was a good sport about it!

Here's our littlest bug!

I'm trying to be an 80's girl...and so is my dear friend Michelle! I think we look great!

We emptied the bowl in the picture with Layne. It was overflowing with candies to give out from the back of our trunk for the ward party! The girls had a blast and ended up filling the bowl right back up! UGH! so much junk! Well, we have had a tradition for the last 3 years that "The Candy Fairy" comes on Halloween night, and takes the candy that you leave out for her. And in exchange she leaves a toy. We find that we eat less junk and the girls are better behaved than they would have been with a punchbowl full of candy coursing through their tiny bodies! And I'm happy to report that even though the candy is still in the house in a very hidden location....Dan and I have hardly had a thing!

Happy Halloween.....or rather Happy Fall/November!
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beach mommy said...

You all really do look so good! The girls really are getting beautiful! I can't believe Reese was a brand new babe when we met!

J'me Shillig said...

I just adore all of you! The girls looked adorable (and SO grown up!) and how cute is that little Love-Bug of yours?! Glad you had fun and I love the idea of trading the candy for a toy! I might have to start that tradition myself.

Love your guts!