Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking Pictures!

Oh how I love taking pictures! I have always imagined myself as a professional photographer capturing images that evoke feeling and emotion! Little did I know that the best captured emotion is that of FRUSTRATION!!!!!

My dear friend Michelle and I love chatting about this and that and have a common interest in photography. Although we have opposing cameras we have the same lense that just makes you say "YES!" I have these grand ideas for artistic approaches that I'd like to carry out, which sometime come out just as imagined.

Well, on Sunday the whole family was matchy/coordinating. My hair looked awesome! And I was super proud of myself for making a shirt into a skirt in about 45 minutes on Sunday morning! My dear sweet husband wore a purple tie with his black suit. In my mind's eye pictures would be fantastic!

I was wrong. One child was squirmy, one was defiant, one was hungry, one was impatient....yes that was 4 children (husbands included in this category). My good friend snapped about 50 shots. And none were quite right. Apparently I took a little nap, Reese is pulling some weird face, Layne is chewing on her hand and Blake is throwing a fit about being on the grass. But you can see how great a shot this COULD have been!

So day TWO! We make it to the pumpkin patch in the same clothes as Sunday anticipating great shots with the orange background. Again the dear sweet subjects are not on the same page. And would you know it but I made it to the pumpkin patch while my above mentioned dear sweet friend, Michelle, had planned to go. She sweetly again snapped away as my children and I struggled to get our act together! Big Sigh!

Well , it didn't stop me from taking a gazillion pictures of the kids in action. And wouldn't you know it but the less forced, less posed shots are the ones that melt you! I just wish all family photos turned out as fantastic as the one of all us in the brown at the top of the blog....oh, well!

At least we have these to make us smile and laugh!


KickButtMommy said...

Sounds like next you need to learn how to do some face swaps in Photoshop! :) Gorgeous outfits. Gorgeous family. Loev Dan's short clean haircut!

Jamie said...

The shots when you just let the kids play are the best! They are the happiest and you get the best smiles. I have given up on the posed family portrait

RachelAA said...

The actions shots are fantastic. And yes, you just reminded me of how nervous I am about our CHristmas picture this year!!! Oh boy :) Shay, you look fabulous!

Kurt+Amy said...

I think they tunred out awesome anyway! Ths collage is way cute and yes that picture at the top of the blog is AMAZING!! Hey, maybe you can practice some of your photography skills on our family for our christmas photos this year?? Huh HUH?? ;)

Michelle said...

Love it, and love you, lady!

beach mommy said...

Awe, Dan and Layne... that's adorable~