Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Growing up!

Look at this HAIR....it's like the Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School! (A darling book if you have little girls!) Blake has been talking about getting her hair cut for some time. We thought we'd wait for summer time, but she really wanted to do it! Why not! It seems my girls' hair grows quick enough that she just may be ready for another cute some summer...or her hair will be nice and long and she'll prefer it that way! It's so cute how she has developed such an opinion. So I try to oblige her when she is able to express her desires and wishes! So Cousin Amy came over and worked her magic!

There's a nice layering and style that I know we'll just have oodles of fun with! Blake specifically asked if it would be the right length to still have a tiny ponytail that the ends are just short....I assured her that she could still in fact fashion a pony, or piggy tails and look just darling! My girls are becoming more aware of how they look and feel in their appearance! We've really been focusing on what is modest and not. I know they get it! They make comments a little too loudly while in public. Man I Love this girl!!
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beach mommy said...

I love it!! But I love it long too - she has a great head of hair:)