Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2010

Friday July 2nd- Wake up at 3am unable to sleep. Fiddle on the computer. Finish laundry. Pack bags. Grab bagels. On the road by 11am. Make it to St. George, Ut for AWESOME dinner, eat WAY too much. Continue drive. Arrive in Alpine, Ut at midnight!

Saturday July 3rd- Wake up around 8am. Eat. Lounge. Leave for hike w/ cousin and Bulkleys. Lounge around. Take naps. Mom, baby Layne, Kale, and cousin Rachel drive around town looking at possible apartment locations for fall semester. Just looking. Return to Alpine for festive hamburger, chips, and soda dinner. Play with some sparklers, genie smoke bombs, and other fire crackers in the street. Kids finally pass out around 10:30pm. Update blog...present time!

Looking forward:
Sunday July 4th- Ready kids for church to look super cute in 4th of july clothes and hair bows. Church 11-2. Family BBQ in Orem. Visit, play, chat. Hope to meet up with Jill and Marin. Stay one more night in Ut, possibly in Layton.

Monday July 5th- Leave for Denver 8 hour drive. Hope the DVD player works better for us on this leg of the trip! Arrive in Denver before 8pm, hopefully! Stay the night at family friends'.

Tuesday July 6th- leave for Mt Rushmore! Only a 6 hour drive. Stay the night at a camp ground. Note to self: need one more sleeping bag!

Wednesday July 7th- Leave for Chicago area, stay at friends' house outside of the city. Hope to arrive before 8pm. (12 hour drive)

Thursday July 8th- Visit Chicago. See some sights. Take some pictures. Leave around 4ish for Grandparents in Michigan, and stay the night. (4 hour drive)

Friday July 9th- Relax. Visit. Relax. Stay another night. Note to self: Don't forget to call mom and Jill Z and with a happy b-day. Stay the night.

Saturday July 10th- Leave sometime for PA. Only 7 hour drive. Maybe visit Kirtland, OH! Arrive in PA, stay the night!

Sunday July 11th- Church. Sunday comas. Eat. Visit.

Monday July 12th- Play, Play PLay!

Tuesday July 13th- Leave early for Palmyra Temple. Then play outside games and eat with huge family get together. See Hill Cumorah Pageant. Arrive back around 2am.

Wednesday July 14th- No plans thus far.....stay put and PLay and relax for about a week! Probably will be speaking in church on Sunday in my parents' branch. No idea when we plan to return, and what path we will take!

LET me know if you have a spare room for us to stay in! We may just be in your town!

Wait for pictures!


Jasmin said...

When I started reading about your cross-country journey and its timing, I was getting excited thinking I could see you in MI! But you're only staying two nights?? Boo hoo... We get to MI on the 12th but I guess you'll already be gone. :( Good luck with the trip and have a ton of fun!!

Camille said...

Man, you make our BIG road trip seem dinky. Have fun though!!!! Miss you!!


I love this.
I love the way you roadtrip!
I seriously am inspired.
I have always said if/when Jake is deployed I am going to TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL all around to make the time that much better.
love ya!

Cassie said...

You are superwoman! Good luck with all your driving. Please be back in Southern California at the start of September!