Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Road Trip Pictures so far!

Finally made it to Alpine around midnight after taking silly pictures for 2 hours with Kale while driving so that I could stay awake!
Good friends the Bulkleys came up to Alpine for a fun hike! That's Reese, Becca, Blake, Logan, and Maggie.
Spent Independence Day with family at Cousin Larkie's home. Thats the brood of kids. Caden, Jordan, Becca, Mali Sue, Ami Lark, Reese, Ian, Blake holding Layne on the ladder.
We made it to Mt Rusmore! Reese was slightly grouchy in this picture. But it was fantastic!
We picked up some critters on our drive. Gross, huh! Oh and some other creatures that we picked up.....while in MN we noticed that Blake had lice. I know I know....its growwwwssss. But all is well. We're "clean and clear and under control!"



I love all these pictures!
The kids at Larkie's,
Amazing, amazing amazing

beach mommy said...

That is awesome!!! I'm SO jealous and those bugs are pretty sweet! I've never travelled with one of those carriers and never would've thought of that! Drive Safe and take lots of pictures!!

Shillig #5 Family said...

Your road trip looks like so much fun! What a great way to spend your summer,visiting family and friends.