Monday, June 7, 2010

A Letter to an Old Friend....

Dear BarKeeper's Friend,

It has been so long and I have missed the times we have spent together polishing my kitchen sink. I had a super messy stove-top that needed serious attention. After spending nearly 20 minutes scrubbing and scrubbing that first burner I thought my night would escape me and I would be cleaning for hours just on my stove top. I am so sorry I doubted your ability. I admit I was nervous at first, no one wants scratches all over their stove-top. Well, I put you to work by making a bit of a paste and using a non-scratching scrub pad and wouldn't you know it....but with very little effort the mess came off. Just like that I cut my stove top cleaning time in half! Thank you so VERY much BarKeeper's Friend. I will tell all my friend far and wide that we have an amazing relationship of trust and happiness.

Love Shay

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