Sunday, June 6, 2010

I've been doing a lot of baking and selling my stuff. My awesome mother-in-law made the cute labels.
So the selling has been done with the girls. They have been my excuse to have a bake stand selling my stuff. I've made banana bread, caramels, tri-level browies, blonde brownies, mint brownies, 5-layer brownies, banana cake with caramel frosting.

Tri-level brownies


Cute kids on the corner making some money for mom to buy a bigger vehicle and go on summer adventures!
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KickButtMommy said...

Maybe we should open up shop together! I am eventually going to start selling my cookies! Your stuff looks yummy and the labels are darling.

Mrs. Anderson said...

How adorable!


love the idea!
you are so innovative!
I don't even think about ways I could make money, I just try to reconfigure the money Jake brings home!
GO SHAY! and LOVE the labels!

Paul and Suzy said...

Everything looks so yummy! You are making me hungry! Such a great idea!

beach mommy said...

Okay so the first project for Dan's web design is a website for you! And seriously, you can bring in more things into the shop whenever you want~the caramels sold and if you're going to do it regularly, I'll start posting about it to our Facebook and Twitter fans!