Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My nails!

I love a clean house. Thinking about the smells of different cleansers, the vacuum lines on the ground, no crumbs on the counters or floors, blue toilet water, and mirrors free from toothpaste spots....I can't help by close my eyes a little and sigh. The mere thought of a house so clean and in order is so satisfying. But actually having a clean house, well, I don't know how my body is handling it right now. I spent the better part of today cleaning and scouring any surface I could. My bathrooms look as if they have never been used. My house is nearly spotless. I say nearly because I have some laundry to fold, vacuuming to do, my trash can looks dingy, and my cookies and milk dishes need washing. Good day here at my place!

So the title of this blog, My nails. Well, I believe they deserve a little appreciation for such hard work they did all day....without breaking a single one! So I need a good inexpensive place to go. Any suggestions? Any coupons out there?

Oh and the reason for the crazy husband comes home on Saturday and I would love to not have to worry about cleaning my house while he's here. And I have to leave for a few days for Young Women's Girls Camp and the last thing I want him to worry about is cleaning a dirty house.

It's really clean here, and I'm even extending this cleaning frenzy to the garage. Maybe my "nesting" has come a bit early.

Oh and my kitchen garbage can is almost 8 years old. I think tomorrow I'll buy a new one, smaller, that will fit under my kitchen sink!


Sharon said...

Wow good for you. I need to do all that tomorrow.

S.Shepherd said...

Wow, what a great task to complete. I hate cleaning right now. You are one great mother and wife. Way to go.

Camille said...

You are so cute!! I think my nesting bug has hit early too. I have been organizing like crazy!!! And I have this major desire to clean our garage too!!! So glad you are finally getting your husband back!!!

Mrs. Anderson said...

You'll be at my place tomorrow so allow your nesting to continue here!