Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7 Long Weeks!

Well, it had been seven long weeks since seeing my dear sweet husband! Such a long time. And at times very difficult. The girls and I flew out to Detroit on the 7th and we've been here since! Dan's family lives in Michigan and the band has had a few days off. We have been enjoying every minute with our dad/husband!
The in-laws and I went to one of his shows on Friday, our first time seeing each other since mid February. And it was such a surprise to see his face minus the beard/goatee/mustache. A clean shaved face is the face of love! I mentioned it to him before we arrived and he is so sweet to have been keeping it nice and smooth while we're together! I love my husband!
We've been out to eat, to the movies, had family dinners, and just hung around watching movies. It's been perfect. I'm trying not to think about not seeing him again until June. Frown.
But the band is having success on the road and Dan's personal contacts have increased which will be very helpful for his career!
Check out the music if you haven't already! After Midnight Project


Camille said...

I'm so glad you guys get to be together as a family...even it is only for a short while :( I hope you have LOTS of fun while you're gone!! See you soon!!!


yay for getting to see him and your in-laws!

Keep up the hard single mom work!

Sharon said...

How nice that you where able to see him, hang in there.

Beach Mommy said...

So glad for you!!