Friday, March 27, 2009

Colonial Day!

I was invited by my dear sister-in-law, a 5th grade teacher, to join her class on field trip to the Reagan Library. The focus for today was to participate in the Colonial festivities. The kids from my sister's-in-law school were all dressed up in period clothing so they really fit in to the wheel spinning, bread kneading, tin hammering, and all the activities based from the colonial time period. There were volunteers teaching talking about surgery, crafts, smith-work, herbs, cooking, fabric making, and guns even went off periodically. The Library hold this event once a year so it was a treat to get to go!

Besides all that The Reagan Library is quite amazing. I got to see the Magna Carta, which is on loan from the Lincoln Cathedral in London. It will be on display until June 20th There was a replica of Airforce Once, the oval office, and a history of Ronal Reagan's life.

Here's what the kids looked like!


Sharon said...

Ok, hellow how did I miss your pregnant post? Congradulations! How exciting.

Mike and Kate said...

Oh hello! I know you live there! I talk about you every once in a while about you and chase and dax. Ya'll are funny!! :)

I really hope to see you soon!
hows the baby??!