Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Trip!

What a long awaited trip! The girls and I hopped a plane so excited to see Dan. The girls were great on the plane, so that was helpful. I packed a few "presents" that they unwrapped to keep occupied. I also had the little DVD player and a bunch of movies to choose from. We landed in Chicago with a 2 hour lay-over, not a problem when you're at Chicago O'Hare...fantastic bathroom exploration! For those of you who haven't been the bathrooms are a must see. The plastic toilet seat covers are dispensed when you wave your hand. And the ice-cream helped to pass the time, too. We must have taken a ride on the moving walk ways a dozen times.

The girls got special treatment when we got to the grandparents' house. Grandma took us to Chuck E. Cheese's and had a blast. Not a place we ever go. Too chaotic usually but it was such a nice afternoon. The girls loved the most random rides and games. Here they are on a "Chose your roller-coaster" type ride. It shook like crazy.

The treatment continued the next day when Grandma took us to Build-a-Bear. They chose the cutest creatures.

They had these cute little sleeping bags!

FINALLY....we got to see Dan!!!! We colored eggs,played with play-dough,

Hunted for Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets,

Went for ice-cream (changed the girls' mouths crazy colors),

And visited the park,

And that was just Michigan. Then we took off to my parents' place in PA. On the way we stopped in Kirtland, Oh. I thought it would be awesome to stop and see some of the places that Joseph Smith walked and so many wonderful people from church history. The girls were so unhappy and I was only able to snap a couple of shots. Here they are in front of Newel K. Whitney's home.

They cried in Kirtland, Oh, to get back in the car and get to my parent's house. We finally got there around 9pm to get a great surprise. A Mini-John Deer-Gator. The fel in love with it instantly and took it for a spin even though it was only 39 degrees out!

The next day the weather was super nice, considering being in PA during April. The girls made friends with some kids that my Aunt next door watches. They all took turns playing on the Gator, and loved being outdoors and hanging out on the swing set.

Mid-day Reese started to fall asleep on both the Gator and the swing-set. She'd be driving and her eyes would be closed. And on the swings it was so easy to fall asleep. We'd get her up and moving and check out the cows, horses, chickens, geese, bunnies...anything to keep her awake! She wanted to be on this little swing for so long, here's my dad on a lawn chair sitting down pushing her.

Our plan is to be in PA a few more days, then head back to MI. Then I get to leave for a night to see Dan again perform with his band AND some awesome bands that we love: Secondhand Serenade and Red Jumpsuit Aparatus. WOW!!! I am so excited for the band to get the exposure they deserve! And get to see Dan again for a minute before the girls and I head back home on the 25th! What a great trip this has been and there is still more to come!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and update!

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Jessica said...

Looks like you had a fantastic Easter! And the O'Hare airport is kind of crazy at times. Next time you stop in that way once Jason and I move out there--we will have to get together!


oh my! great update and a great trip! Your girls have some wonderful grandparents!

Sharon said...

Oops I guess my comment didn't post and I just finished reading your post so that's fine. So looks like you are having fun, your still there than? And it looks like your girls are having alot of fun. Newell K Whitney is my 4th or 5th great grandpa when we went to kirtland they where working on the house, so that is fun to see.

Beach Mommy said...

Holy Moly! Those girls are going to have to go through detox when they come home!! So much to do and treats!! We just had the boys at Chuck E Cheese last week and C and N rode the same roller coaster thing too and loved it! You all look great together. I'm so glad you got this chance to be with family while he's gone! We'll help to keep you occupied when you get home, I promise! Have fun and Good Luck Danny!!

Sarager Family said...

Smart Idea withe the presents. It looks like you had so much fun. Good for you guys Love ya

Mrs. Anderson said...

Hi it's Rachel Anderson from Jamie's "circle" :) I saw your blog on her comments and I wanted to say hi. Your family is adorable and I LOVE the family picture on your header! Anyway, we're at