Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have we met?

I think we have. I come around here occasionally when my children aren't awake, or throwing up, pooping their pants/bed/floor/pull-up, trying to survive a nasty chest then head cold. Needless to say we've been occupied. And I would rather stay in bed and stare at the TV then do anything else. Well, luckily this week is over, and the sickness is subsiding. Except for my cold, blah!

In other sister and her boyfriend got a puppy. Oh he's a cute little guy! An English Bulldog named T-Bone Steak, TBone for short! My girls have been loving playing with him. He is a cute little fella, but always wants to bite and chew...on my toes!!!!

Here's the girls having fun with the pup!


Pam said...

So cute! Our girls have asked on occasion if we could have a pet and I have said ,"no!" when inquiring why I tell them I already get to clean up poop and pee and didn't need one more thing to do that for.

Sharon said...

How cute, where did they get dog? And do you know how much it was? My brother is looking into getting one.

Sharon said...

I'm sorry you've all been sick. I hope you get feeling better.

Amber said...

Cute dog! Now let's hope he really gets his house, right? Crazy boy!