Sunday, January 25, 2009


Have I mentioned yet that I teach piano lessons?

Well I do! I started teaching while in high school when I was 16. I had a dozen kids with the youngest at 4 the oldest maybe 10. It was a great job for a teenager. Then I charged $5 per half hour at my house and $7 when traveling to someone.

Remember when candy bars were a nickel?

So I teach the piano. I have 8 students right now. I love it! As of now I go to their home until I figure out a piano situation where I can teach them all in my home back-to-back-to- back.

Keep it in your mind when you hear of someone looking for a piano teacher. I've taught as young as 4 and as old as 14, but I can teach older, too!

I would like to have more students!

PS: I charge $15 per half hour lesson.


Sherry said...

what! wow I had no idea you even played piano, that's great!

Suzanne said...

Ok, I need to know:
Where are your kids when you're teaching?
When do you teach?
I could do that, too. I lack courage.

Shay said...

Suzanne: my sis usually watches the kids. but sometimes i take them with me. they play out in the yard or with the siblings while they take turns. in home is ideal, you could sooo do it!

Cassie said...

I would like to take piano lessons. Your price is so perfect the 8 hour drive would be worth it.

Sharon said...

I wish we lived closer, we need a piano teacher. Our last one sometimes didn't show up. Michael really liked it and Savannah was too flirty so we had to wait for her (it was a male teacher about 19 from the ward.)
I think you could hit cassies and thin catch a flight down to my house, no big deal right?

Beach Mommy said...

Love the new family photo!! Cute outfits!

The Risdons said...

that's so cheap shay! you could charge more. We pay $90 a month for 4 half hour sessions.