Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So as I was re-vamping the blog I saw that I was tagged by my dear friend Genine! Cool! Here it is!

7 Things I can Do: cook a delicious meal out of stuff I have on hand, use duct-tape to make just about anything, compliment strangers, pretend I'm a stellar photographer, sew my own clothes, crochet a sweater for a stuffed animal or small creature, go to the bathroom in the beauty of the great outdoors

7 Things I can't Do: play the drums, finish my laundry, draw, keep my sink free of dishes, remember bands' names, buy a magazine subscription from a stranger knocking on my door, flip all the way around in a kayak

7 Things that attract me to Dan: his love for music, passion in drumming, knowledge of the gospel, great head (and sometimes face) full of hair, ability to make friends, playing board games even though he'd rather not, desire to pursue his dream

7 Things I say often: SoMuch, Seriously?, I shouldn't have to say it: twice, again, anymore (you pick), How was your day?, No Way, Awesome, I love you

7 Favorite Foods: strawberries, grapefruits, homemade baked goods, orange infused dark chocolate, artichokes dipped in butter, gourmet pizza, peanut butter banana sandwhich with milk

7 to tag: Steph P., Mandi S., Kelsi M., Cassie A., Suzanne F., Caroline S., Natalie or Garrett (whoever does the blogging)


Suzanne said...

Thanks! I love your family picture. Such smiles and wide eyes! Love it!

Sharon said...

I love your family picture, so cute.

The Fast Family said...

That family picture is awesome. Who took it?