Wednesday, January 28, 2009

100 Days

So tomorrow Blake will be celebrating her 100th day of being in school. Apparently it's a big celebration and there's book written about it and all that jazz.

So a few weeks ago she was sent home with an assignment to collect 100 things to put together this poster for the 100th day of school. Seriously? Who is doing this project my kindergartener or ME? You guessed it, ME! Well, i really tried to get Blake to do most of it and she did, but ask a 5 year old what 100 things she would like to collect and she comes up with ideas like balls, or books. No, we didn't glue 100 balls or books to our poster. The concept is a little much.

So, we finally decided to count out 10 different groups of 10 things. It turned out to be fun! And she can totally count to 100 by herself. I knew she could I guess it had been a while and to hear her do it without hesitation was pretty neat! So the 10 different things we put up there were: chocolate chips, buttons, stars, beans, pasta, lentils, fabric, small popsicle sticks, cheerios and different pictures of herself. That was her favorite, seeing that she was once a baby and little like her sister.

So here's our project! It's made by a 5 year-old!


The Fast Family said...

Holy cow! That's a crazy project for a 5 year old. She looks so cute and proud. :)

Sharon said...

That's cute, a big "ta do" for 100 days, funny. My kids never had any of that. :(