Sunday, January 4, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity, Jig!

What a great vacation we have had. We were able to spend Christmas at home with my brothers and their better-half(s), and with my cousin who was in town for her brother's wedding. It was a real treat to have her! We ate and ate and fat dogged the rest of the day. For those of you new to the term "fat-dogging-it" refers to feeling so full you lie on the floor like a fat dog that can't move.

Growing up we would celebrate Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, and box up all of the holiday decorations. Not until I was an adult did I really know that Boxing day was NOT the act of boxing up Christmas but actually a day of goodwill and donations to those less fortunate, I think. Anyhow, sadly I celebrated Boxing Day on Christmas day. Everything was taken down and put away before I went to bed that night. I had extra hands so I used them, thanks Jillian, Jamie, and Rachel. With everything down I was able to enjoy a facial the next day, and have a very clean house to come home to after our trip to Utah. We went to the wedding Saturday morning and left straight way to Utah right after the luncheon.

So off to Utah to enjoy the freezing cold weather and the warm company. We had such a nice time with Dan's family. We don't get to see his parents often so it was a treat visiting with them! We played games, watched movies, ate more delicious food, celebrated,saw dinosaurs played in the snow and relaxed.

Oh and we also got some family pictures taken and I am sooooo excited to get them! They looked great!

I hope this new year finds you all well! I will post again soon enough with more light hearted banter.

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Rebecca said...

Shay--your blog header comes up full of visible code on my browser. Tried a different browser and got the same thing. Not sure why. Glad you all got back safe. Talk to you soon.

Beach Mommy said...

I love the shot of Reese with her hot chocolate! Let's play this week. So glad you had a great vacation... I could use one of those!

McMemories said...

your girls are so cute!!! Its so fun to see everyone from high school all grown up with cute kids!!!
oh and our secret for twin boys is about $20 grand and a good fertility doctor ;)haha
talk soon!