Sunday, December 21, 2008

CC2 Primary Christmas Show

Today was a great day! At church the primary sang two little Christmas songs, great speakers, and two songs by the ward choir (Dan and I have been in the ward choir for a few months now)!! The at the end of the block of meetings we ended early so we could watch the kids from primary put on a little nativity presentation. It was great and I got a ton of pictures! I hope you are able to grab them and use them if you find your kid in there somewhere! It was GREAT!!!

It is a pain putting up 60 plus pictures on this thing. I don't know how to do it! So instead check out my facebook page for the pictures! From there I think you can "steal" them!

Let me know!


Amber said...

Sweet. Thanks for the pictures. I snatched them off your facebook page. Didn't you tell me you got a great one of B? Can you email it to me pretty pretty please?

Sharon said...

You know a great way to share pictures throw your blog, is on picasa online. I haven't done it but my friends has and than she is even able to show slide shows on her blog through that.


Thanks for taking all those great pictures. They turned out awesome. Those are the cutest liitle angels I have ever seen. :)