Thursday, November 11, 2010

Busy Busy!

So now that everyone know we're moving you can understand my constant frazzled state! Sometimes I think that I look like I stuck my finger in a light socket! And, Yes, I know I take on so many projects at once. I just figure I'll push through them and then take on another load of madness. The following is a list of things that keeps me busy:

-Entertaining my kids on their days off (Nov 11th & 12th)
-Sewing scarves together for Wrapped in friend!
-Keeping the house clean
-Cutting out a million little pieces for the one and two new Primary songs we'll be learning for Christmastime
-Cutting up wood to make crafts for my home and crafts to sell
-Playing with my dear friend's cricut machine (sweet!)
-Packing up some boxes for the move
-Cleaning out the garage
-Sifting through things to keep and sell
-Planning a garage be held on Dec 4th
-Baking goodies to sell at said garage sale
-Finding a place to live in UT...we like this place The Mayflower
-School here and school there
-Medical insurance
-Vehicle insurance
-AND my favorite one Cousin Kurt is coming over today to help me sand down the girls' bedroom furniture and then repaint it! I really like this color....what do you think?

Oh and I'm sure this list may sound like I'm complaining....I'm's just a list to keep me focused and on track so I don't spend endless hours in front of the computer playing Bejeweled or lazily lying around reading Anne of Green Gables! I'll rest soon enough! Until then busy busy!


J'me Shillig said...

You inspire me Sis! I thought I had a lot to do with cleaning out the trailer, sewing Christmas presents, and organizing our stuff.

Do you want me to bring my DI bags to your garage sale? You can have them! Right now I have a garbage bag of clothes and lots of decor I haven't used in years. It's yours if you want it!

Love you!

KickButtMommy said...

Sheesh, I take it you don't get sick when you are pregnant. If I were you I would be laying on a couch trying to move as little as possible so the light didn't hit me wrong and the room didn't spin.

One said...

You are totally Super Momma! Congrats on all the exciting changes! I'll look forward to catching up the next time we're out visiting the in-laws :-)

Sheehan said...

Hey Shay! My Mom was telling me that you and your fam were thinking about moving to Utah. Devin and I are here in Provo. I love it!! We go to a BYU student ward and there are always people moving in and out. There are several 2 bedrooms apt. and basements that I know of that are only $575/month...There are so many options out here it's awesome. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out with your move! Finding a place, Moving in, babysitting, etc.... :) Congrats on baby #4. You have such cute girlies!

Sheehan said...

This is Kiersten Thomson (Haub) by the way. :) I guess I posted my comment from my Husband's account by accident..... Sheehan is my husband.

The Sayer Family said...

Hi Shay - I hope you don't mind I check your blog from time to time, I'm Mimi's D-I-L Megan (Married to Erick) I noticed on your post that you guys are considering living at Mayflower Harbor in Lehi. When we lived in Utah we lived just down the street, many of those buildings were in our ward. There are SOOOO many kids in those neighborhoods that are around your girls ages. That little neigborhood and apartment complex makes up 5 wards but the ward building is just on the other side of the apartment complex. I think you would really like the Thanksgiving Point area. Jamie and Chase had been to our house when we were there, ask them, they can vouch for how nice it is. It's about 30 min from BYU or 40 min from the U. Good luck and congrats on #4!

Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

OOO I might have to steal that color scheme for Kiley's room!