Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break!

We got to visit my cousins in St George! Girls w/ Weston
I got a fantastic massage from my cousin while in St George....thanks Verro!
The girls got to meet some 2nd cousins on my side!
L-R in back Miriam holding baby William (belongs to Kaylene), Marlese holding her boy Talon, Caroline holding her boy Malachi and her girl Aimi Lark, Me holding baby Layne. Kaylene in the back, Cousin Eliana, Larkie holding her boy Atticus, Rachel holding Jordan (on the right Larkie's girl) and Mali Sue on Left (Caroline's girl) Blake is smushed on the floor, Reese is smooshed behind Mali Sue, and Marlese's girl in the car (can't remember her name...sorry!)
Having and making memories at Peppermint Place in Alpine...I use to visit the candy shop when i was a little girl visiting my grandparents when they lived in Alpine!
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I loved that you came up to UT...loved it! You are my inspiration for whenever Jake is gone for any period of time to just LIVE IT UP!