Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break Madness!

What a week! I will try to sum it up...we did a LOT! And saw a TON of people!

April 1st- left for St George and stayed the night @ Aunt Karen
April 2nd- Stayed in St George, relaxed ate yummy cookies, and delish burgers
April 3rd- ate breakfast in St George, watched 1st session of Conference the drove north. I listened to 2nd session of Conference while girls slept! Went to Marin's in Provo (long time friend of mine since age 11) Went to Caroline's for fun junk food! And got to see Kaylene, Larkie (private), Rachel, Elliana, Miriam....all my cousins! And met Marlese and her kiddos!
Stayed @ Larkie's for the night
April 4th- Easter bunny delivered some candies and we had multiple egg hunts! Drove to Means' in Alpine and had a 2nd Easter dinner....with THE best orange rolls! Stayed the night @ Means
April 5th- saw "How to Train Your Dragon" w/ Means! (that makes twice for us!)
April 6th- drove down the street to our friends Bulkley's in Lehi, ate at Mc D's and lounged
April 7th- Headed in to Salt Lake to meet w/ Jamie, Jana, Sara & Colin, Melissa, and
Monica, good friend from the High School days! Girls and I ventured to Temple Square to see the temple, then to Natalie & Garrett's and stay the night
April 8th- checked out Treehouse Museum, went to visit Great Grandparents, ate @ Zupas went to Uncle Brad & Aunt Joette's, saw Quinn and Aubree & Jon, Tried to find a way to contact Shasta but failed.....sorry we missed you Shasta xoxo Back to Layton for the night and visit with Tiffany (Dan's youngest sister)
April 9th- Lounged around with Madison and Tiff. Left for Orem to pick up some stuff I left at Larkie's and eneded up staying the night cause parents just sat and chatted while kids played and ended up falling asleep.
April 10th- left for Cedar City to meet up with Mandy, another old high school friend
then to St George to meet up with Tracie an old college roomate, stayed the night @ Aunt Karen's again and had green chilli for dinner then a second dinner of chicken cordon bleu, always good food there!
April 11th- headed for home. stopped in Vegas to see another old high school friend John Tippets

Whew! What a trip! On the final stretch home from Vegas I was so tired and drank about a gallon of caffeine, a bag of puffy cheetos, and candy corn. Yuck! Later that night I had crazy shakes! But we did make it home!

We loved every minute of our trip! Thank you to everyone for making it such a great trip!


Mrs. Anderson said...

Ok seriously, you know way too many people in UT! But this sounds amazing - I love experiences like this. Of course, you do need a vacation after these types of vacations!!!! When we lived in UT for the summer, my drives to and from relied on those large tootsie rolls and coke - Oh barf!

Sarah said...

why does it say private next to colins name?
and dont you have our address for our blog?

Michelle said...

Crazy busy lady you are! But looks and sounds like you guys had a blast of a trip! Blake told us all about it monday morning in the car for school pick-up. But, I am glad your back! :)

Camille said...

Holy schmolies!!!!! What a fun but LONG trip, I'm sure!!!