Friday, October 30, 2009

Rock Out!!!

Reese is pulling on Blake's arm saying "lets go Rock OUt!"

Friday I took the girls to go see their dad at work! The band was playing at The House of Blues-Anaheim, in Downtown Disney. I got Blake out of school a few hours early. Good thing, too, the traffic was ugly! We made it there at about 3pm, giving us some time with Dan before his sound check. While he had sound check , the girls and I ventured off to the Build-A-Bear workshop. They each got a new outfit for one of their bears. It took us a good hour to decide. Girls! We walked around a bit before meeting up with Dan again and ate dinner. Then, we followed Dan inside the venue and got wrist bands and VIP stickers. We got the girls excited and situated for the show! Earplugs and headphones to prolong their hearing, as if they use it now!?

The show was GREAT!!! The girls loved seeing their dad go crazy on the drums. They danced a bit. But when baby Layne fussed for having the headphones on and the girls tried taking out their turned a little dramatic. Shoulders shrugged, tears fell, and feet began to stomp. They wanted so badly to watch the show but the ear plugs kept falling out. I could have used a second pair of hands. We were able to watch a TV monitor and hear the music!

I sure was happy to have my girls see what it is their dad loves to do! I hope we'll have MANY more chances to take them to shows!!!



I love their shirts so very very very much!
I agree about an extra set of hands! I'd love to have a pair myself haha

Erin said...

How fun for the girls to get to see Dan doing what he loves! Next time AMP is close by Tyler and I want to go. We couldn't make it this time becuase I was incharge of Trunk or treat for our ward. We could be those extra hands you needed! :)

beach mommy said...

I love that shirt under Reese's AMP shirt!! She's so 'rocker daughter' I love it!! Wish I could been there with you. Reese was very proud to tell me all about Dan rockin out though!

Kurt+Amy said...

I SO BADLY wanted to go to that show! Great idea on the giant headphones for Layne. LOVE the girls shirts!!! Did u make them yourself?