Monday, September 14, 2009

Reese Goes to Pre-School

The title sounds like a little book!

Man-oh-man, is this little girl the cutest?! The first day both Dan and I were able to drop her off and wish her well as pre-school. She was so excited to bring her snack of apples in a plastic bag with her name on it. She can recognize her name and she's been working on writing it down. As we were driving to her school she talked NON-STOP. And I really mean that. She asked question after question, and tried to remind us of one thing or another. Then as we were pulling in to the parking lot she said, "You're not dropping me off." Meaning that we'd come inside with her. She sometimes gets a bit nervous about being dropped off even at very familiar places, so we always remind her that we will be coming back in just a short while to come and get her. After playing with some puppets and toys we tried to give hugs and kisses and get out the door, but all she did was say, "Okay, goodbye." And could care less about the hugs and kisses. Well, the second day she was NOT thrilled with going to school, however the teachers were able to coax her out of my arms and she really did fine!

It's really quite exciting to have little kids grow up and develop, stepping in to new experiences that help them to continue to grow. I love that my kids enjoy school! I wonder how long it will last!

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pre-school is so hot right now :)
how cute that she can recognize her name!