Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Update!

Check out the weekend in pictures, too!

We had such a great and busy week! Starting with Friday, we headed to the LA ZOO and got our passes for the year! We met up with a bunch of friends from our ward playgroup and played at the Zoo park and saw only a few of the animals, but the girls were so excited to just be with friends! Later that night (after spending nearly 2 hours in traffic to travel 24 miles) I watched a movie with a friend and my sister while the girls had a "sleep-over" together in Reese's bed. We even made the bunk bed into a fort, with a blanket draped over the side. They watched movies in there and slept side-by-side. It sure is sweet to see they play so nicely together.

Saturday was going to be a relaxing day. But spur of the moment I decided to get the girls out to see the Disney Train Tour, featuring the artwork from the upcoming Disney movie A Christmas Carol. We took the Metrolink down to Union Station and got ready for a long day, with NO stroller. I was warned too late that it would be a 3 hour wait. Fortunately for us we made some "friends" and they let us jump into line with them an by-pass about an hour of waiting! The girls did a GREAT job. We all got tired and sick of waiting but they really didn't whine like they could have. And they made it a nice experience. So on the train, NO it does NOT move, we saw some of the art-work, costumes and technologies involved in the making of the movie. It will be in 3D and similar to "The Polar Express." In the end car we were able to morph our faces into the character's faces. It was silly. Luckily we finished up and made it to the 6:05 train home, the next train home would be leaving at 9:30 or something ridiculous! At home the girls had another "sleep-over" while I had a game night with some friends.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Wow, it was such an awesome day. To start I did the girls' hair and they looked darling. Then, they behaved quite well during church meetings! I taught the lesson in Young Women's and I have to say it went really well! It was on "Temple Marriage: Requirement for Eternal Family Life." And I was having a great day, and especially loving my husband and kids, looking forward to seeing my husband in 2 weeks, and celebrating our 8 year anniversary next month. I had picture from our wedding, decoration from home,and family stuff for the display. I offered the girls chocolate chips at the beginning and tried to tempt them to have some throughout the lesson. At the end those that did NOT eat the chocolate chips got a HUGE chocolate chip cookie and a little saying: "Why settle for just a chip when you can have to whole cookie. Make the decisions today that will take you to the temple tomorrow." I found it from a church based website. They also got mock temple recommends. It was really fun for me. I enjoy the chance too teach. I only get to every once and a while.

Sunday continued to be awesome. After naps we visited our friends the Wiggins, Jana was up visiting. Then had dinner with my brother and his wife, Chase and Jamie. Jamie and I are due within 5 weeks of each other, and Jana confirmed that she is also pregnant and due in December! Yeah for babies! Since Monday was a holiday the girls had another "sleep-over" in the same bed. They can just be so sweet to each other then so rotten!

Monday I told the girls would be a relaxing day and we'd just watch TV and rest all day long. Around 2pm they began to get a little restless so we decided to head out for ice cream. I thought I could go and check out some fabrics at the craft stores, too. Well, we ended up doing neither. Instead met up with my brother Chase and Jamie, and some other friends the Beldsoes and went 4-wheeling nearby. We had a bar-B-que, smores, carne asada, sodas, chips. And the girls got all sorts of dirty. What a BLAST we had.

SO the weekend was just the best! It couldn't have been any better. I take that back, all along the way of our adventures the girls remembered their daddy and would say "Dad would have so much fun on the train/4-wheelers with us!" It makes me so happy that the girls think about their dad so lovingly and know that he too would enjoy doing everything we do!

I love you Honey and can't wait to see in in less than 2 weeks!


Mrs. Anderson said...

This all sounds incredible - I am so impressed with all you do on your own... you're my hero! Way to go in making life so fun and memorable!

Camille said...

That is so sweet that the girls remember their Daddy!! I got a little teary just reading it (just LOVE pregnancy hormones!!!!). I'm glad you guys had such a fun weekend!!

Michelle said...

What a fun and busy weekend! So sweet/cute of the girls to think of Daddy!

Mike and Kate said...

I know... Mike & I just want to make sure we are 100% ready. We are planning and organzing. ( I make lists) lol.

your super mom.


2wks Yay!
and I love hearing y'all hang out with your siblings...I love having Jake's siblings here to hang out with!!! so fun!