Saturday, February 21, 2009


Both the girls take a soccer class through the Parks and Rec here in town. We're trying to figure out what makes them tick. So Blake has tried a gymnastics, dance, now soccer. Reese has had an art class and now soccer. Dan and I are not the sporty kind of people. Neither of us played sports in school, and I couldn't even tell you what sport is to which season. But on Saturdays we wake up early to get Reese to her 8:30am soccer class, play at the park for an hour until Blake has her 10:00am class. Today we decided to grab a donut during our wait time, not what we usually do but still a fun treat. Here's some pics of the girls! One day we'll get video of them.

Blake is in a peachy/pinky short sleeved shirt.

Reese made friends with a little boy, he has Star Wars toys!



oh my so cute! I cannot wait for "classes" for our girls!

Camille said...

Hannah has taken that soccer class before!! She really liked it!! How cute that Reese is taking soccer too!! I think I might sign Tucker up next season. He would LOVE it!!!
Oh yeah, and donuts are ALWAYS a fun treat!!! Yum!!

Beach Mommy said...

Kids Love Soccer!!

Mike and Kate said...

I totally agree :)
Do you know when dax is getting married??