Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blake at School

Blake's school had a VIP day just this last Friday. There's an assembly of sorts for the parents to talk about PTA, yearbook pictures and stuff. And there's always an assortment of dried out pastries and muffins, and a selection of beverages.

Anyways, Blake was thrilled to see us in her classroom. We watched her and the other kids dance around the room and sing some of their morning songs.

Blake loves school. She has her one best friend, Grace, they even have some of the same outfits. When one wears it one day the other wears it the next. Blake even has a NEED for wearing a bow in her hair because Grace always has a cute bow to match her outfit. He mother is amazing, and one of my dear friends!

So here's my predicament: Should I pull her out of school to home-school? I go back and forth so much. But if dad is going to be away so much I think that it's more important to be close to dad and see him as much as possible. So, home-school??


The Risdons said...

I have never known any socially well adjusted home schooled children. Never met 1. Also...I have to give a teacher plug. Teachers get an education to learn how to teach and what's appropraite for each developmental stage. They also are required to doing continuing ed by taking college courses. Do want to deprive her of that? You can tell I'm a public school teacher:-)

Camille said...

Not to put the above poster down, but I disagree with that comment. As you probably know Shay, both Michelle and I were home schooled. I don't think either of us have any social problems, but you can be the judge of that :) I have know HUNDREDS of home schooled children throughout my life and only a VERY small percentage have had social problems. And it isn't because they are home schooled!! In fact, I know more public school children with more social, emotional, and educational problems then home schooled children.
Also, there are soooo many resources out there for you to be able to home school your child, you would have no problem, and I think ANY child who has a devoted, loving parent/parents teaching them, they will only flourish by being home schooled!!! I too, have really considered homeschooling my girls. I don't feel the need right now, but I'm sure there will be a year (or two or three) here and there that I will find the need, and will home school my children.
Sorry this turned into a book!!! LOL!!! Oh yeah, and just ask Cami if you have any questions and concerns!! She has had SUCH a positive year this year homeschooling her children!!!

The Risdons said...

I wanted to clarify...if you are planning on home schooling until college, then I think it would work out fine. The girls would be more mature socially and would handle the transition to "public" school fine. My experience has been with children who are home schooled for a few grades, and then come to public school and they cannot function like the other children can. They are overwhelmed, overstimulated, etc. They are more polite and address adults with great respect, which is wonderful! But my experience is they are not able to jive with the other kids as well because they haven't had the "practice".
Shay, this is one of those topics that people get heated about. You know my opinion now! Ultimately, you have to follow your gut, do all the research and figure out if you can do it and if it will work for youf family.

Dana said...

To start -this is Amber, not Dana.

Ok, here is my two cents.

Homeschool is definitely a "hot topic" to throw out the blogging world. Ha ha...I'm of the opinion that it works for some and not for others. I was homeschooled for a year. My mom tried it, it didn't work for us. All THREE of us fit quite nicely back into the public school system. But then again, it was only a year. You should do what is best for your family and what is best for Blake. From what I know of her, she is one VERY smart kid. She might do well with homeschool. She could work at her pace and possibly be quite ahead of the pack. I know there are lots of great homeschool groups out there that you can be part of when you are not "on the road" with your hubby so Blake can have the "social" life. Plus you do always have church and church friends. (Not that I'm by any means encouraging you to move, but if I were you I would want to keep my family together if I could). That's just my opinion.

Shillig 1 said...

I'd keep Blake in public school at least for the rest of this year. Pray about it for next year & so on. It's important to know what Heavenly Father wants for us. You may feel like wanting to keep the family close by while Dan tours, but what if the kids end up resenting all the traveling (not settling), then again it could be the greatest thing. That's why I say pray about it. I know you'd do a great job homeschooling your kids because your very involved w/them, they'd also do great in the public system...again because your very involved. Love ya.