Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And She is 8....

OH how the years quickly go by!

Our Blake turned 8.

We decided to have a little party inviting only 3 friends. We had a breakfast brunch filled with mini cinnamon rolls, donuts, fruit, yogurt, chocolate covered strawberries, juice, cheese, deviled I missing anything!

After eating, I taught the girls how to make hair bows. Then we watched a movie while soaking feet before their mani-pedi. Then we played "The Candy Bar Game," opened presents and called it good!
(The Candy Bar Game comes from our good friends the Wiggins. A huge pile of candy bars, gums, and candies are in the center of the circle. With dice you each take turn rolling in hopes of a 7, 11 or doubles. Then you grab a candy from the pile. After all the candies are gone a timer is set and you continue playing only you are able to steal a candy from another person's pile! Super Fun!)

Later that night we had a few neighbors and tons of family join us at the park and ate hotdogs, chips, dips, salads, cookies, and lemon-ade!

It was such a FUN day! I'm so glad to have my Blake. She's such a big help to me. She's an awesome big sister (sometimes she's not). She loves to read. And she's looking forward to being baptized. I love having a BIG kid!


Michelle L. said...

Cant believe it! Looks like she had such a fun birthday, and you planned all of it with a newborn, too! Crazy busy Momma!
Oh, also I love that last pic of her with the Junie B. Jones book. That is such a Blake face! Miss that cute girl!

Allison Bushman said...

Looks like it turned out FABULOUS!!! Can't believe she's 8!

Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

Wow you are an awesome mom! I wish I could have gone to the birthday party too. lol

Jamie said...

Shay, you are the BEST at parties. I wish I could be a fraction as creative and fun as you are. Happy Birthday Blake!