Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Layne Baby!

Today this girl 18months old and officially in nursery! Not surprisingly the goes quite easily. She gets a little nervous on account of the 3 other kids her age with some seperation anxiety. So she tears up when the others cry. and gets her "concerned" look on her face....you know her look!

She is so animated and happy all the time. By far she has been the easiest and most fun baby, now toddler, yet! It's amazing to me that my girls start out with such little hair and it takes nearly the first 2 years of life before I can get anything resembling a pony-tail in their hair. Here's Layne rockin' the piggies! Whenever the camera comes out she says "eeeesh, " translation: cheese. She only speaks a few words: mommy, dada, reese, cheese, oosh (shoes), baby, ball, book, mine, hi and bye....to name a few! But she is by far my best signer of all the girls. She seems to pick it up quickly and uses them more than words: water, milk, food, cheese, cat, dad, ball, book, shoes, socks, cookie, cracker, baby, help, please, thank you...there may be more but I can't think of them!

This girl LOVES her sisters. She loves giving hugs and kisses to them. And is great at greeting people at the door when they come home. She is so fun to have in our family. It makes me a bit sad to think that she won'e be the baby for much longer.

Today she climbed up and snuggled with me while I had some tv shows on. She snuck her arm up around my neck to feel my skin and quickly drifted off to sleep. It was so nice to snuggle with her. And have a rest with my baby. I love this girls and know that I surly was blessed when she came to be a part of my family! I love you baby girl!!!!


Sherry said...

She is getting so big! We miss you

Kurt+Amy said...

AWWWW that picture of her snuggling with you is priceless!! Love it.