Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My little girl is 5!!

Color? PINK
Show? PINK PANTHER & Rugrats
Movie? Barbie and a Mermaid Tale
Ice cream? Mint like dad
Place to visit? both grandparents' houses
Mountains or Beach? Beach, but I don't like to get sand on my hands, only on my feet
Tater-tots or hot dogs? Tater tots
Best friend? Logan
Letter? R, becuase it goes in my name
Primary Song? I am Child of God
Prophet? Joseph Smith
Any thing else? You didn't ask me my favorite number
Ok what is it? 5 becuase I'm 5, so that's my favorite
(funny thing and I shared this with her..but that's wht 5 is my favorite number, becuase I remember when I turned 5 and deicided that would be my favorite number)

I sure do love this little girl! She is always thinking and asking questions....and doesn't realize that her questions stem from her dreams both day and night. She put this cute little outfit together herself, and I think she's great! Happy Birthday my sweet girl! I love you!
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Camille said...

Um Hello!!!!! She looks like she is 14 with her hair cut?!?! I can't believe it's been 5 years since I brought you dinner and was so jealous that you had had your baby, and I still had almost 3 months to go!!!

Allison Bushman said...

I love the haircut! Reese looks beautiful!

beach mommy said...

aw love the hair and the outfit!! ... and her of course:)