Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Move!!!!

Well here you have it folks. The long awaited update! After being in here for 2 weeks now I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of our new place in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Let me give you a little background as to why we picked this place. We began our hunt looking in the Lehi area. It's super close to the freeway, great recreation programs, wonderful schools, about a 30 min drive for Dan to make it up to Salt Lake for school, and a quick 10 minute drive for Dan's work. We had our eyes set on a place in Lehi, but we were hesitant to commit. We just didn't want to deal with having someone live over AND under us. Some of you know the troubles we had with out last place...what with having very mobile and happy children living over somewhat empty nesters that had forgotten what kinds of noises children make. Moving on, moving forward! I cam across this place in PG (Pleasant Grove for those that don't know the lingo), but put it aside because it was a little out of our price range. But then it cam up again, at a reduced rate. Instantly I knew it was just the place for us. Only sharing ONE wall of our place was so much more appealing than sharing 3 walls/floors with various neighbors. So I called them up and started the process of background checks, references and the like. I ONLY saw pictures online and never set foot in the place until we had the keys in hand ready to move all our stuff in. Some may think that's a scary approach, but we'd done it before moving from Boston to Canyon Country, and it worked out just fine.

So here's our place....still in a state of disorder and not decorated like our home should be. But I know many of you have been anticipating something from us so here's a little tour!

That's the front door there. When you walk in to your left (right in the picture) there are about 5 steps down to the kids' rooms, a bathroom, a laundry room and under the stairs storage. We bought some hooks for the wall to hang all out winter gear and a place to toss our shoes/boots.

Here is the view down the stairs. That room you see is the Big Girls' room. And there is a door to the left with a full bathroom.

Maybe you can see that there is a crib in that next room. That'll be the "babies" room. Right now just a crib but come summer time when baby BROTHER arrives Layne will be in a cute little toddler bed and share her space with her brother! That dark room is the laundry room. Full size washer and dryer and some storage space. Side note, I found that washer dryer set online for delivery/installation and purchase under $400. Love ksl.com!!!

This is our dining/kitchen area. It's pretty big and has LOTS of cupboard space. Some of them are still empty! And take a look at that table. We sold our set in CA, and I bought Dan a GPS for Christmas! Well, I had been wanting a rectangular table for a change and to save on space. And I had my eye on a set at both Walmart and Ikea that were $250 and $500 respectively (not including tax and delivery). So once again I headed to ksl.com and found this very table. It's about 3' x 5', has 4 chairs, AND a bench....so I can push it against the wall. Well wouldn't you know that a couple just in town was moving and posted this very table online for ONLY $50. It's perfect. Just what I wanted!

Then to the left of the kitchen/dining picture is a short hallway with a nice sized linen closet, a full sized bathroom, and the master bedroom. The closet in the master is really functional. And makes up for the size of the room!

We were able to make it to church the first Sunday of 2011 and meet the Bishop as well as many other people. There is even a girl that Dan hung out with from HIGH SCHOOL, her family lives right around the corner!!! We really like our place. It suits us great! And we know it'll last us for our stay here in Utah! We're not sure how long our stay will be here, or where we will head next...but we know we have been so blessed to come too the point that we are at now!

Thanks to all who have given us love and support through friendships, thoughts and prayers! We are grateful to you all!


KickButtMommy said...

Did you say Baby Boy? YAY!

Kurt+Amy said...

Looks really nice Shay glad that you guys have more room and not another annoying neighbor situation!! That is amazing about the school, you have the BEST luck finding things for amazing deals!! We miss you guys but I am glad that your happy and settled. ♥ ya!

beach mommy said...

Miss you but SOOO excited for this next chapter! Enjoy it:)