Thursday, October 7, 2010


Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson- Utah

I do not know this woman. I will likely never meet her. But her story is one to share. I happened to come across her story through a bit of "blog hopping" and feel ever so grateful for her touching words. They hit me to the core. Today I struggled with my children and tirelessly try to teach them daily how we can be grateful. This week I have been chatting with my husband on his upcoming lesson in church on gratitude. And here is a woman who defines gratitude despite conflict and trial. We all have it, conflict and trail, but I was so touched by the story of such an amazing woman, a darling wife, a gentile mother, and a daughter of God. She truly taught me a lesson. One that I may have needed to learn. A lesson more important than my kids appreciating that I make them dinner or wash their clothes. She taught me that not only are my comforts, family, and health are things to be thankful for daily, but that my existence on this earth is truly a remarkable thing. Knowing that my Father in Heaven has fantastic things in store for me. And that my Savior truly is the way to happiness. My eyes are red. My cheeks are wet. My heart is full.

If you have forgotten or need some reminding please watch her video. She will help you remember who loves you. You will feel the love of your Savior and will be compelled to to drop to your knees and thank your Father in Heaven for the precious life you have been given.


Jamie said...

I had the wonderful opportunity to hear her speak at BYU last week. She was amazing! She has the most amazing spirit and perspective. She talked about how her definition of beauty has changed-I will never complain about my body again!

Michelle said...

I heard about her right after their accident 2 years ago. I have been following her blog ever since. I have watched this video before. I LOVE IT. I have SO much to be grateful for. The Lord has truly blessed me. What a wonderful example to the world this woman is.

RachelAA said...

You captured EXACTLY what she has reminded me of over and over again, "that my existence on this earth is truly a remarkable thing." THanks for sharing.