Thursday, October 21, 2010


We LOVE having Disneyland passes! It is so fun during Halloween through Christmas! The decoration are amazing! Here's a few shots of us from two different trips in October! (we went once just me and the other adult to help and they were FANTASTIC)

Happyy Halloween! From Disneyland with love!
The whole state of Utah enjoys coming to Disneyland for their short breaks! So we were SOOOOOO lukcy to meet up with some of Dan's cousins....on BOTH sides of his famil! The cute little thing in the pink is Andie, she belongs to Brent and Allison. Allison is Dan's cousin on his Dad's side! We had a fun afternoon riding some rides and playing around Toon Town!

Cute Cute Aubrey! Is Dan's cousin on his Mom's side! We had a great time with Aunt Barbie, Uncle Brad, and cousins Aubrey, Connor, and Emmie
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we LOVE our Disney World passes here in FL!
We have gone every Friday since we bought them, Jake has Fridays off school.
We're only 20 minutes away so it's perfect!

One said...

Dreamy!! Shay, for those of us WAY less conveniently located, when do you think the best age is for a Disney trip? I want to make sure we don't miss the window when they're old enough to enjoy it and young enough that it's still magical :-)

I love all your pictures of your adorable family! Hope to meet them in person one of these days! -K

Shay said...

ONE: disneyland is magical for all ages! i really think arouns 2 1/2-3 years the kids get how amazing it is. it's super having the passes! but i don't imagine we'll be renewing come march!