Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Sign" of Motherhood

Here is my "sign" of motherhood. Yes, I am a mom! This counter space is the most cluttered, out of control, messy, dirty, you name it, space in my home. It's the dumping station! I cleaned my kitchen so nice and realized that this very counter gets out of hand mostly because of ME. Yup, I admit to being the one who contributes to most of the messes, if not all the messes, that occur in the kitchen. I figured that if I can keep the counter clean then others follow. This note has been fantastic for me. Reminding me as well as the rest of my family that it's the little things like a clean counter that make MOM happy!
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KickButtMommy said...


Camille said...

I LOVED it when I saw it at your house last week. I have a counter just like that!!! I need to make a sign too.

Crazy Lady said...

love the sign and love the pictures of the girls. blake is a knockout she looks so old!