Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I had a birthday shout HOORAY!

I had just about the most fabulous birthday a girl could have! Turning 30 was not a problem! Especially since I had so many people wishing me well, and celebrating with me!

Wed, September 15th, I dropped my kids off at school and upon leaving the pre-k room Michelle and her kiddos sang Happy Birthday (their version including some fart noises HA)! Then my sister Kohl and I went to Glen Ivy Spa and I enjoyed my free day in the grotto, hot tub, sauna, and dual head showers! She had a treatment to get the day before her wedding and I just enjoyed the time. Right after I went straight to lunch at Panera Bread with my good friend Genine. I feel like such an adult celebrating my birthday over lunch, she also gave me a fun book about games...all sorts of games that don't need a board and you can play while in the car! Clever and very fun games! I came home to find my mom with my 2 younger kids and their cousin Kurt. Thanks mom for watching my girls! A fantastic package came in the mail from my mother-in-law. Gift card for dinner, money, darling wrapped gum, a little something for each of the girls! She's an amazing Grandma. We lounged around waiting for Jamie and Jillian to come around before going for dinner. While waiting dear Camille came with her kids to sing me Happy Birthday and delivered some delicious lemon cupcakes and balloons! We headed to El Torrito for dinner with my little family and: Kohl and Vernon; Mom and Dad; Chase, Jame and Kurt; Jillian and Phi. So nice to celebrate with family. It was the best best best birthday I've ever had....well except when I turned 5 and the theme was come dressed as your favorite animal.....turns out I invited my whole kindergarten class and tons of them came without my mom even knowing! (Wish I could find that picture!)

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