Sunday, March 21, 2010


Saturday, I let the day roll over me. I stayed in my pajamas and lounged around until 4pm. I hadn't even exercised for the day. And exercise was the LAST thing on my mind. It was hot out. I think it even hit 80 degrees. I literally had to drag myself out of the house...with ALL the girls with me. They were thrilled...I on the other hand was not.

However, Reese and Layne both took naps and Blake got a great work out! I jogged/walked about 2 miles, while Blake stayed ahead of me on her bike!! She did great! Hot and sweaty but great!

I needed to grab some things from the store right when we got back so we piled in the car and decided last minute to eat dinner. We grabbed a "5 dollar foot long" to share and ended up at the park. We were so excited to see our friends Nathaniel, Tanner, Lucas and Savannah there. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. The kind of weather day that you would want every day of the year. It was perfect.

After the park we headed to the store. All I really needed/wanted was some spinach. I go through about 3 lbs of spinach in about a week! As a salad, side, in our shakes, you name it we use spinach! Well, we got side tracked and decided to get some different produce items that we'd never tried. So keep watching for some fun produce posts! And please leave some suggestions on different produce items that we can try, too!

We did get a red plum to share that night and the girls really liked it! On Sunday with lunch we each had our own kiwi. Neither of those are new to us, but were in with our adventurous produce purchase on Saturday!
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Mrs. Anderson said...

PRODUCTIVE super woman!!! I get my spinach from Costco!!

Camille said...

Beautiful weather!!! Laine is SUCH a doll!!! She is always happy!!!


I get spinach from costco too. I bought it from the normal grocery store b/c it was cheap cheap cheap but it was not worth the hassle of cleaning it and picking all the leaves off!

I love that picture of your girls!!! I am impressed with your workout ethic! Thanks for the inspiration!

Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

You are sooo motivating for me... I hate... no I Loath exercising I can't believe you got out and went 2 miles I would have definitely skimped and only gone around the block and back home especially if I didn't want to go out in the first place.