Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hey friends, family, strangers!

Well, thankfully we're back online.

Unfortunately, our hard drive was completely destroyed. Thus leaving me short about 5000 photos. Yes you read correctly! I take photos like crazy.

So please, oh please....if you think you have some photos of my cute little family please let me know! My latest pregnancy and early days of my baby Layne and all of 2009. Take a look in your collection and see what you might have!

I'll be your bestest friend!

Whoever can send me the MOST pictures of my family I would love to offer you my services and give you a photo shoot for ANYTHING you'd, baby, grad, dog, house, back yard, etc.


S.Shepherd said...

What a total bummer. I've had a hard drive go out and I too lost a ton of pictures. We now save all the pictures on three or four computers.


Oh dear! Every day I'm grateful for the external hard drive from Jake for Christmas. Loveyou.

Colin said...

When you say destroyed does that mean it makes really bad noises? Cause I'm pretty good at recovering hard drives.

Michelle said...

You know Kevin J. saved my pics once when our comp crashed. I told him I would forever worship his picture saving skills from that time forward. See if he might be able to help you out. We then could worship his mad computer skills together.

Sherry said...

oh that is terrible!

beach mommy said...

You got it, I have a lot! That totally sucks though!!! I am SO Sorry!!! I'll see what I have and burn a CD for you.